17 Lightweight Makeup 💄 Looks 👀 to Let Your Freckles Shine ✨ ...


I'm not lucky enough to have freckles, but I've always wished I had them.

Seriously, when I was a kid, I actively wished for freckles all the time.

They were all I wanted.

I still think they're adorable.

One of my favorite things to do is to count the freckles on Heather's cheeks.

I know, awww!

She generally covers up her freckles, though, and so do a lot of other freckled women I know.


Embrace your freckles!

You don't have to stop wearing makeup, either, you just have to experiment with a makeup look that will show off your freckles.

1. Heavy Brows and Light Foundation

Light foundation is a must if you want to let your freckles shine.2

Going with dramatic brows just creates a fab frame for your face – and your freckles.

2. Go for Dewy Skin

This is absolutely magical.

A little highlighter should do it, with just the right shade of blush or bronzer.

3. Opt for Peach over Pink

Not that pink isn't lovely, of course, but experiment with peachy shades every once in a while.

They should really play up your pretty freckles.

4. Make a Dramatic Statement with Your Eyeliner

You can play up other features and let your freckles serve as accents.

Anytime you showcase your eyes, it will highlight your cheekbones, which will, in turn, show off your freckles.

5. Play around with Plum Hues

Play around with Plum Hues


'cause they look pretty, that's why.

6. Swipe on a Coral Lippie

Swipe on a Coral Lippie

The orange tones in coral will beautifully complement your freckles.

If you don't want something quite so bright, you can look for a more subdued shade.

7. Perfect Your Own Personal Natural Look

Perfect Your Own Personal Natural Look

Brush on a little blush.

Apply a little gloss.

Add some mascara and light eyeliner.


Wear Just a Bit of Mascara
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