18 Makeup Tips for Beginners ...


If you are just beginning to use makeup, it's always helpful to find makeup tips for beginners that actually work!

Well ladies, I was a beginner once and now, I've compiled all my knowledge about makeup into 18 makeup tips for beginners!

So girls, you ready to get started?

Let's take a look at my top 18 makeup tips for beginners, that way you'll be able to put your makeup on like a pro!

1. Think about Complexion


The first makeup tip for a beginner all revolves around your complexion.

You've got to think about exactly what you want to hide, what shade of skin you have and what your complexion holds before you start to choose your makeup and your moisturizer!

2. Moisturize


That brings us to our second makeup tip for a beginner – the moisturizer!

This is why knowing your complexion is so, so important!

Is your skin oily?

Is it dry?

It is a combination?

Once you know, you'll be able to pick the ideal moisturizer for you!

3. Primer

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Primer is the next step and the next makeup tip for a beginner!

Primer is actually how you can keep your makeup looking fresh and stay on all day.

I use my MAC primer all the time and it really helps ensure that my makeup stays in place all day.2

4. Choose Your Shade


One of the most important makeup tips for beginners all revolves around choosing the right shade of foundation!

You want to pick something that matches your skin tone exactly, that way you don't have any lines when you're putting your foundation on.

5. Powder Vs. Liquid


A lot of beginners have no idea what to choose whenever they are looking for blush or even their foundation.

Is powder or cream better?

Well ladies, this makeup tip for a beginner is all about preference.

For me, I love powder, but I also love the control that you have with liquid or even cream.

Which do you think that you'll like better?

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