11 Makeup Tricks for Pale Skin ...


Makeup tricks for pale skin can be difficult to find.

When you have pale skin, you don't want to hide it, but you also don't want to lay off all the makeup.2

I have an alabaster tone and it took me forever to find makeup tricks that really worked well with my pale skin.

Below, I've compiled the top 11 makeup tricks for all of us pale skinned girls out there!

1. Soft Colored Lips

You know how tanned or olive skin looks great with crimson lips?

We don't ladies, so lay off the harsh and bold colored lips and go with sandy pinks, rosy pinks and soft apricots.

Trust me, this is going to make your entire face look more beautiful and will really bring out those beautiful lips you have!

2. Cool Shades for Eyes

Cool Shades for Eyes

When you have pale skin, makeup tricks can be something as simple as finding the right shade for your eyes!

Pale, natural colors actually look great on pale skin.

Champagne, grays, soft pinks and even cool brown and grey hues all match well and will really make your eyes pop out!

3. Blush Options

Blush Options

When you have alabaster skin, blush is your best friend.2

Don't overdo it though ladies, just keep it natural!

Pale pinks, soft peaches and even apricot are all great blush options and makeup tricks that work with your porcelain skin tone!

If you do not know where to start, try NARS blush in Orgasm, its tender hue compliments all skin shades, including the palest ones.

4. Dark Mascara

Dark Mascara

Your eyes are where you can get really nutty with the colors and can even go a little darker.

Dark mascara (blackest black is what I use) works best with fair skin because it is dramatic.

Avoid plum, blue and even soft black mascaras – go all out and make those eyelashes pop!

L'Oreal and Chanel make the best ones, just look for ultra black color.

Eye Liner is Key
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