7 Steps to a Perfect Pout ...

Lipstick is one of the fundamentals in most women’s beauty arsenal, and while it’s easy to simply slick it on, it does come with a host of complicating problems.

It flakes, dries, seeps and can smudge easily;

it gets onto drinking glasses and teeth (the horror!), and can transfer itself onto the cheeks of people you’re kissing β€˜hello.’ In short, lipstick isn’t quite as simple as it initially appears, and to help you to keep yours in place and looking fab, I’ve put together a list of 7 steps to the perfect pout.

1. A Good Maintenance Routine

Lipstick looks best on healthy, smooth lips.

In order to ensure that yours are in great condition, it’s important that you frequently apply a good-quality, nourishing balm.

Find something with a built in SPF, and, if you can, opt for a product with added Vitamin E as well.