7 Unbelievably Pretty Mermaid Makeup Tutorials ...


Lately, it seems the world is obsessed with mermaids, and if you havenโ€™t seen some of these awesome mermaid makeup tutorials that are popping up, you're missing out! Even if you donโ€™t aspire to look like a mermaid, these makeup tutorials are done so beautifully that youโ€™re seriously going to reconsider! Okay, so maybe youโ€™ll reconsider your Halloween costume, but still, these mermaid makeup tutorials are downright amazeballs, see for yourself!

1. Mermaid Makeup Tutorial by Alexa Poletti

Mermaid makeup tutorials can look a little cartoonish, but Alexaโ€™s version is very ethereal and pretty. I am so digging her teal and purple eyes and the purple brows are funky in a good way. The โ€œscalesโ€ or glitter flakes she added to the side of her face is incredible pretty and much easier than drawing on scales. I think she looks like a more modern version of Ariel!

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial by Lolo Love
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