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9 Animal Friendly Makeup Products for You to Enjoy ...

By Laura

Part of taking an ethical approach to our furry friends involves using animal friendly makeup products. Unfortunately, many smaller brands hide the names of bigger brands, and it is those bigger brands that conduct the animal testing. Organisations like PETA are a great source of information on animal friendly makeup products. Here are nine to get you started!

Table of contents:

  1. Cover fx natural finish foundation
  2. Burt’s bees lip shimmer
  3. Cheeky cosmetics smoky eye kit
  4. Dermalogica microfoliant
  5. Gosh kohl eyeliner
  6. Barry m deep glow gradual tan
  7. Manic panic coffin dust
  8. Polish cosmetics demi shine eyeshadow
  9. Earth’s beauty lipstick

1 Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

If you want your foundation to be animal friendly, you need to shell out a little. Cover FX is PETA approved. It comes in quite a broad range of shades, which makes it one of the more versatile animal friendly makeup products. As it is water-based, it is great for oily skin! That is one of my biggest personal challenges: steering clear of overly oily foundations!

2 Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

I LOVE Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer! It has a peppermint tingle and comes in a few different colours. My personal favourite is champagne. This lip shimmer is perfect when the cold weather kicks in. My lips chap horrifically in response to central heating, so having something to soothe them is super handy.

3 Cheeky Cosmetics Smoky Eye Kit

Smoky eyes without animal testing, how great is that? Cheeky Cosmetics produce animal friendly products in general, but their handmade smoky eye kit makes for a great present. One of the major benefits is that it is made from light minerals. This means they won’t clog too heavily in the creases of your eyelids. The smoky eye kit comes with four different shades, which work together perfectly to create the right look.

4 Dermalogica Microfoliant

I always feel slightly astounded when I learn about what Dermalogica’s products are made with. This ‘Microfoliant’ is rice-based. There are no artificial colourings or fragrances, making it kind to your skin. You only need to use the tiniest amount of this exfoliant. So even though it is a little on the expensive side, it’ll last for a little while. This is also, apparently, a great product for makeup removal!

5 GOSH Kohl Eyeliner

The great thing about GOSH cosmetics in general is that they really are not expensive. Their kohl range comes in some really interesting colors. I tried espresso once, it really didn’t suit me. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suit someone else, though! Check out the entire GOSH range if you want animal friendly makeup in general.

6 Barry M Deep Glow Gradual Tan

Barry M is one of my favorite cosmetics companies. It is hard to find one that produces such funky lipsticks and nail polishes, without them testing on animals. Their bronzing mousse is surprisingly effective! Obviously a lot of streak avoidance comes down to how you apply it, but I have always found it to be an easy option. It doesn’t smell bad either!

7 Manic Panic Coffin Dust

I LOVE Manic Panic. Even though my makeup isn’t anywhere near as bright as the cosmetics they offer, there is something about the range that fascinates me. A lot of their products are glam rock, punk, or Goth. Coffin Dust is one of my favorites, as it is a great mineral eyeshadow available in a handful of colours. They aren’t the brightest colours in the world, but some of them are quite interesting. Check out the Manic Panic bright hair color range as well.

8 Polish Cosmetics Demi Shine Eyeshadow

If you like your eyeshadow to shine rather than just shimmer, try the demi shine range from Polish Cosmetics. One of their greatest shades is ‘Gatsby’s Green.’ I just love anything to do with Gatsby. The Polish Cosmetics range is a little limited in general. However, it is entirely vegan and growing all the time.

9 Earth’s Beauty Lipstick

The shades from Earth’s Beauty’s lipstick range are a little on the basic side. However, do you really need anything beyond the usual caramels, reds, and pinks? While these lipsticks are basic, they also moisturize amazingly well. As well as being animal friendly, they are environmentally friendly! So you are hitting two ethical birds with one stone by investing in one.

The range of animal friendly makeup products out there is actually quite diverse. That means you are almost always guaranteed to find something that will meet your needs. For more products, see what PETA and Leaping Bunnies have to say. If you use a particular animal friendly product, what is it?

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