7 Awesome Face Highlighters to Help Give You a Beautiful Glow ...

Face highlighters have become the newest makeup craze, and rightfully so. Highlighters help to give your face that Hollywood starlet glow that so many women seek. While some highlighters can look sparkly and dare I say cheap, others look much softer and natural. I've compiled a list of some of the best face highlighters on the market to help you get that star-studded look.

1. Too Faced Candlelight Glow

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Topping off this list of face highlighters is Candlelight Glow by Too Faced. Not only is the packaging attractive, but the product itself delivers exactly what a highlighter should. The powder comes in two tones: sheer gold and gilded rose. The rose hue is perfect to place on top of blush, while the sheer gold looks perfect on the top of the forehead or even used right below the eyebrow. If you so choose, you can even blend the two together for a beautiful luminescent glow.

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