7 Awesome Tips for Getting Thicker Eyebrows ...


7 Awesome Tips for Getting Thicker Eyebrows ...
7 Awesome Tips for Getting Thicker Eyebrows ...

Learning how to get thicker eyebrows is hard! If you are one of the many women that are not blessed with thicker eyebrows, I've got you covered! Below, I've got the top 7 tips on how to get thicker eyebrows naturally – or you can fake it! Whether you are drawing them on or just filling out some of the thinning sections of your eyebrows, I've got all of the ways on how to get thicker eyebrows quickly and easily!

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Pencil Them in

Remember how I said you can fake it? Well girls, one of the top tips on how to get thicker eyebrows is to pencil them in a little bit! Just use an eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of your eyebrows and then just go to town filling them out! Remember, get an eyebrow pencil that is good with your skin tone girls!


Eyebrow Powder

A lot of people have no idea that you can actually use eyebrow powder to make your brows look lighter or darker! Of course girls, this tip on how to get thicker eyebrows will depend on your hair color, what you're wearing and what thickness you were hoping for in your eyelashes!


Pick a Brush

One tip on how to get thicker eyebrows that a lot of women forget about completely is using an eyebrow brush. This will blend together your colors and will also make sure that you are making them appear naturally. You can also try to brush out your brows, just to make sure that you get any stray hairs back in place.


Brow Conditioner

Did you know that, just like your hair, there are actually conditioners out there that are specific for your eyebrows? This will keep your eyebrows beautifully slicked down and looking gorgeous! There are tons of different brow conditioners out there, you've just got to pick one that will make your eyebrows thick and beautiful!


Brow Gel

Do you constantly have problems with your eyebrows getting out of control? Well girls, no more! You can actually use a bit of eyebrow gel on there, just to make sure that you are smoothing everything out and that you are keeping those pesky hairs in check. This is one of my must-do tips on how to get thicker eyebrows.

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Brow Marker

If you aren't into an eyebrow pencil, don't worry, there are eyebrow markers that work fantastic! They are great for thin patches and give you a bit more precise direction. The tip is super fine and you can actually draw each and every hair. It's one of my favorite tools!


Eyebrow Envy Kit

Finally girls, the last how to get thicker eyebrows tip that we're going to talk about is having an eyebrow envy kit. This kit from Too Faced comes with everything that you'd need! A style guide, beautiful eyebrow colors and even tweezers! It might be a little on the high side, $35.00, but it's definitely worth it!

So girls, have you learned all of the top on how to get thicker eyebrows? Do you think that you'll be able to master thicker eyebrows?

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