8 Classic Makeup Tutorials for Teenagers ...


8 Classic Makeup Tutorials for Teenagers ...
8 Classic Makeup Tutorials for Teenagers ...

Finding the ideal makeup tutorials for teens isn't easy! There are tons of things to consider and you do want to find the right makeup tutorials for teens that are meant for teens, not for adults. I've scoured YouTube for all of the fab makeup tutorials for teens that cover everything from school makeup all the way to eyeliner tutorials. So girls, are you ready to explore my top makeup tutorials for teens that'll help you get your makeup perfect?

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Quick School Makeup

Do you only have a little time for makeup before school? That's okay! This makeup tutorial for teens is all about makeup before school! It'll teach you everything you need to know about putting on makeup quickly, easily and what products you'll need. She starts with concealer and goes from there! Personally, I wish I had this tutorial when I was a teen!


Emo/Scene Makeup

If you're looking for a makeup tutorial for teens that will give you the perfect scene/emo look, this is it! Remember girls, emo is all about the eyes and this tutorial really shows you how to work the eyes and how to really make them pop. It's absolutely one of the best if you really want to learn all about scene makeup and how to make it pretty!


Flirty Smokey Makeup for Teens

I know that smokey eye makeup is super hard to do, even for me! This makeup tutorial for teens is all about making the right smokey eyes for high school and making them flirty and sexy too! The great thing about this tutorial is that it is super easy to follow and that the smokey eye actually becomes easy!


Preppy School Makeup for Teens

If you are a prep and are looking for a makeup tutorial for teens that will help your preppy nature stand out, this is it! This makeup tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do, what makeup products you need and how you can keep it simple yet chic! It's also super quick, so you'll be able to do all of your makeup before school!


Teen No Makeup Makeup Tutorial

Do your parents not allow you to wear a whole lot of makeup? This makeup tutorial for teens is great for that 'no makeup' look! It's a great tutorial that will keep you looking like you aren't wearing any makeup at all – but you are! I love this look because it's super simple, totally natural and looks beautiful!


Cat Eyeliner Tutorial

You asked for it ladies and we delivered! Have you been looking for a makeup tutorial for teens that is all about cat eye eyeliner tricks? This is the best tutorial for that! It'll teach you exactly how you can do the typical cat eye eyeliner trick and make it super easy!


How to Apply Bronzer

One of the biggest questions that we get on the comments is how to apply bronzer. If you are one that is super confused about how to apply bronzer, you've got to watch this makeup tutorial for teens! It's all about the right ways to apply bronzer and how to make it look perfect!


Mascara Tutorial

Finally, the last makeup tutorial for teens that I'm to explore is mascara! This tutorial will teach you the ins and ours of mascara and will show you everything that you need to know about applying it in just the right way!

If you've been dying for the right makeup tutorials for teens but can't seem to find them, I've got them here! So ladies, what are some of the other makeup tutorials for teens do you have to share? Any I don't have listed?

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I'm a happy bunny!!!

Hay, I love this tutorial

Cute tutorial. Only thing I would say though is when blending foundation, always blend UP. Not down. Gravity doesnt the need help, upwards strokes will help prevent wrinkles :)

I think that this is very useful, and i just love all the posts!<3 x

This is really helpful stuff !

@Heather Jensen yaya !

These r amazing

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