11 Best Cream Eyeshadows for Lazy Girls ...


11 Best Cream Eyeshadows for Lazy Girls ...
11 Best Cream Eyeshadows for Lazy Girls ...

Most of us grew up using those powdery eyeshadows and weren’t even aware of cream eyeshadows out there. Yet, as I grew a bit older, becoming more interested in cosmetics and skin care, I found myself drawn to the appeal that cream eyeshadows had to offer.

Specifically, they offered a shimmery finish instead of a flat, matte one, which I loved for added shine and making my skin glow. And application did not take nearly as long as did the powdery eyeshadow! Bonus!

Check out our list of the best cream eyeshadows that we love, and pick one to try - you'll look amazing with minimal effort and save time on application every single day!

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Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

eye,product,organ,brand,cosmetics, Chanel is a great go-to luxury brand for almost anything, even down to their line of cream eyeshadows. This soft to the touch cream shadow feels like you’re applying a piece of a little silk pillow to your eyes, yet offers intense, beautiful coverage that stays on well, and lasts all day.

It doesn’t rub off and offers flawless results. It is rated one of the best cream eye shadows in many bridal magazines, but is great for the everyday woman as well.

Price: $36.00 at shop.nordstrom.com


Givenchy Le Prisme Superstellar Intense and Radiand Eyeshadow

organ,hand,eye, This super-hero shadow palette gives you the best of both worlds: cream and powder, in one! I love that titanium shade, ideal for highlighting just about anywhere, not just your eyes. Swoon!

Price: $63 at sephora.com


Make up for Ever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow

Make Up Forever,eye,product,organ,brand, With nearly 20 shades to choose from, there's an ultra-pigmented waterproof cream shadow made for you... like this plummy hue... or wow, that peacock blue!

Price: $23 at sephora.com


Givenchy Ombre Couture Eyeshadow

eye,product,organ,cosmetics,diagram, Givenchy is an amazing brand overall and their fab eye cream eyeshadow is no exception. It's 100% waterproof, which makes it sweat- and smudge-proof and it's the best option for those days when you need to take your look from day to night and have it look fresh and set.

And these are the colors it comes in - Taupe Velour - the one selected here and the one you can see in the picture above - is the go-to color that'll compliment any eye color. For bolder look, try purple, green or black shades.

Price: $26.00 at sephora.com


Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eyeshadow

eye,face powder,brown,product,organ, In a word, these shadows are just gorgeous, adding layers of molten shimmer and shine to almost any look. Who wouldn't want to be a celestial star? I'd wear that rose gold color too, but this yellow gold is just divine.

Price: $62 at sephora.com


Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow

eye,product,face powder,skin,organ, I love that this cream shadow comes with a little primer! A quick dab on your lids, the build the color, from a light, subtle sheen to a deeply pigmented, bold metallic foil shine. I love this taupe color, but wow, that vintage green-y gold sure would pop, too!

Price: $32 at sephora.com


Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot Shadow

product,skin,eye,organ,nail polish, I'm a MAC girl, and I'm hooked on these cream paint pots. The shadow just lasts all day, without creasing or fading, and it comes in so many colors! I'm not going to lie: I have at least a dozen of these... for now...

Price: $22 at shop.nordstrom.com


Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes

eye,product,organ,cosmetics,brand, If there's ever been a prettier pink eye shadow, I haven't seen it! It's so soft and gorgeous, with just the right amount of sheen, and it lasts for hours and hours. I love the violet too, because it makes my green eyes pop.

Price: $45 at shop.nordstrom.com


Chris Chang for MAC Cream Color Base

product,fashion accessory,circle,jewellery,magenta, I adore Chris Chang's bold vision for makeup and, well, everything else... so I'm thrilled to try this shadow collab with MAC. This bright peony shade is fab, but if it's not quite your hue, that brilliant coral or pop of lavender will work, for sure.

Price: $23 at shop.nordstrom.com


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

font,wheel,product,gauge,automotive tail & brake light, Armani is basically one of the most amazing designers that women cling to for fabulous beauty and style products of all kinds. Right down to his line of makeup products, this eye shadow is another proof of the wonder that this designer creates.

Editors and users are obsessing over Eyes to Kill by Armani for its half-powder, half-cream texture. This makes for a complete and simple application that is quick, gorgeous and offers better results than a product that is one or the other. It gives almost a lacquered, magazine-perfect quality to the skin, and for the price, it isn’t that bad considering the brand. This shadow is available in 19 colors and promises to last up to 24 hours.

Price: $33.00 at shop.nordstrom.com


Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Mono Pearl Cream Eye Color

Dolce & Gabbana,eye,product,organ,cosmetics, If you're looking for a soft pearly sheen that lasts all day (and into the date night and beyond), this is the cream shadow for you. It's the first-ever cream shadow by Dolce&Gabbana, and wow, did they get it right on the first try.

Price: $38 at shop.nordstrom.com

Do you love cream shadow as much as I do? If so, what do you look for when you’re in the market for a great eye shadow?

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I like the tarte cream shadow but it only comes in a few colors

I agree with what many people are saying. There should be more options for the everyday person. Unless you are picky about brands, the $20+ price is extreme.

Love this post. I haven't tried the nars cream eyeshadow but I did try their shadow pencils and wasn't impressed. It creased on me :(

Yves Rocher has a great range online.

ELF. Best ever. Namely for the price.

Love it

Amazing Article

I also use the maybelline color tatoo and they are really good in term if color pay off ang longevity

She should make a drugstore one, not everyone can afford these prices.

I have tried many of these and have to agree that they are among the best out there. Cream shadow is not forgiving at all. If you want the rich bold look they provide you have to make sure your using something good. At my age I consider it on of my "splurge" items. Anything less leaves you with an unsightly, caked mess.

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