7 Best Eye Shadow Primers You've Gotta Try ...

The best eye shadow primers fight creasing and smudging, all while amping up the color of your shadows. If you find your shadows creasing or coming off throughout the day, you’ll find these primers beneficial. I am a firm believer in priming before applying! To get an out-of-this world shadow application, you’ve gotta try out these best eye shadow primers!

1. Urban Decay – Eye Shadow Primer Potion

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Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion is hands down one of the best eye shadow primers on the market. Although the container has been revamped since I first started using this product, it is still just as amazing. Urban Decay has since added more kinds of eye shadow primers to their collection, but I’m still obsessed with the original formula. The primer is made to go on sheer so it can enhance your eye shadow without diluting the color. This primer also works great to prevent creasing. You can get this amazing primer at urbandecay.com.

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