Makeup Brush Holders to at Least Get One Aspect of Your Life Together ...

Too terrified to look at the mess on your vanity? You're not alone ladies! Making one or two of these DIY makeup brush holders (that also can be used as cosmetic holders) will surely make your life so much easier. In fact, this craft project might just help you in your search for that earring you lost months ago. Of course, a makeup brush holder will also help make your daily makeup routine much shorter.

1. Magnetic Board

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If you do a search of** DIY makeup organizers,** this is one of the top results. It's not surprising really because this is all sorts of clever and wonderful. The great thing about this is that you will have all your products on display. I love the addition of caddies for the brushes and lip glosses. Another reason why this is a fantastic craft project is the fact that it is easy to make. Try organizing your brushes on them in order of use too!


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