7 Great Makeup Hacks if You Think You Are Not Photogenic ...

Pulling off your best DIY version of photo-friendly makeup is not as hard as it may look! It all comes down to a few basic tips and tricks which, when combined, make sure you look just as great on camera as you do in person. Ready to get chummy with you camera? Just remember these tricks the next time you’re in dire need of some photo-friendly makeup.

1. Flawless Face

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A good base is the cornerstone of any good makeup but if we’re talking about photo-friendly makeup, you’ll definitely need more than your good ole foundation. Start with a primer to ensure flawless, long-lasting application and don’t forget to finish with a setting powder of choice. These two extra steps won’t take much time at all and, I promise you, you’ll love the results.

2. Quick Contouring

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Contouring will give your face depth, help you accent all of those great features and even create a few Kim K or Angelina Jolie – like hollows and angles. No need to pile on tons of products, either, because a matte bronzer will work like a charm. Use it to chisel out amazing cheekbones, sweep some under your jaw line for that super slim, super long neck and don’t forget to add a touch of blush. Picture perfect, indeed!

3. 1-2-3 Highlighting

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A fuller-looking pout and that super glam, lit-from-within glow with three easy sweeps? Yes, please! You don’t even have to own any special products – a simple shimmery eye shadow will do the trick just fine. Apply just a touch on your cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow and let flash do its magic.

4. Clean up

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Eyeshadow fallout, tiny smudges, less than a razor-sharp lip line – don’t let these details ruin your picture perfect makeup! Apply a fresh coat of concealer to all of those areas you need bright, fresh and camera-ready and watch those smudges disappear like magic. Camera will love your new polished look and hey – so will you!

5. Lip Contouring

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Small, thin, asymmetric? That’s no reason to hide your lips, love! A long lasting, matte pencil and lipstick will help you overline and contour your way to a perfectly plump pout. Matte colors are less likely to bleed, run and smudge plus they don’t reflect much light thus making your lips appear natural both on and off camera. Give it a go, ladies – if celebs do it, so can we!

6. Say Yes to Single False Lashes

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Sick and tired of worrying about those gorgeous lashes coming off at the worst possible moment? Couldn’t apply a pair in under two hours if your life depended on it? Why don’t you try singles instead? No mess, no fuss, super easy to apply plus they look just as gorgeous on camera as they do in person!

7. Blotting Papers Are a Must

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When it comes to that unwanted shine, not even royalty is having it easy! And when a perfectly coiffed lady such as Kate Middleton says she relies on blotting papers to keep her complexion flawless and photo-ready, we sit back and take notes. Slip in a pack of these little miracle-workers in your clutch before the big event and you’re all covered!

Ready to do your makeup like a pro? Time to rock’n’roll baby! Have fun experimenting practicing your new skills, smile for the camera and don’t forget to let me know what worked best for you.

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