7 Makeup Tricks to Fake a Good Night's Sleep ...


7 Makeup Tricks to Fake a Good Night's Sleep ...
7 Makeup Tricks to Fake a Good Night's Sleep ...

Sometimes you just can’t get all the sleep you need and the results end up showing on your face the next day. You don’t want anyone else to know how much shut-eye you’re missing. Thankfully, there are makeup tricks that can help you to fake a good night’s sleep. No one but you needs to know that you’re exhausted.

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The first thing you want to do when you’re sleep deprived is moisturize. Your skin needs extra hydration when you’re running low on sleep. That means moisturizing and drinking extra water. If your skin is dry, your makeup isn’t going to go on well. Having a smooth surface to adhere to makes a huge difference in the appearance of your makeup.


Use an Eye Gel

Eye gel is a wonder product for taking down eye puffiness. This is a problem that often results from late nights and early mornings even if you’re not naturally prone to having puffy eyes. To give your eye gel extra power, store it in the fridge. The cooling sensation coupled with the ingredients in the eye gel will erase any puffiness you’re dealing with. If you don’t have any eye gel and you’re in a pinch to deal with eye puffiness, try a cold wet washcloth or chilled cucumber slices. They really do work wonders.


Don’t Skimp on Concealer

Concealer is a product you must use when you’re short on sleep. The other eye issue you’re likely to see when you’re sleep deprived are dark circles under your eyes. I’ve had some good results using yellow concealer to cover under-eye circles. Always be careful to blend it in well, though. You can use a brush to apply concealer or your fingertips, whatever works best for you.


Use a Magic Wand

You can’t work magic without a magic wand, now can you? For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about highlighter. I’ve developed a passion for highlighter because of what it can do for your skin. It helps you look refreshed and brightens up your skin. You want to look for one that adds a luminous glow without being too glittery.


Curl Your Eyelashes

This step alone can do a lot for you, especially if you aren’t blessed with lashes that naturally curl. Curling your eyelashes makes you look much more awake. For those that are blessed with lashes that naturally sweep upward, you can skip this step. For the rest of us, take the time to curl. It’ll make a huge difference.


Swap out Your Eyeliner

You don’t want to pull a huge amount of attention to your eyes when you’re running on fumes. Your eyes are going to show sleep deprivation worse than any other part of your face. So when sleep deprived, skip the black eyeliner and go for something softer. You might want to choose a soft gray or a brown. Stay away from liquid liners when you’re exhausted, too.


Go for a Bold Lip

Days when you’re tired are also days when it’s good to pull a bold lip. You want to pull attention away from your eyes and this’ll accomplish that. You don’t necessarily have to wear red lipstick. Burgundy or a bright pink will work just as well. Basically you want to downplay your eyes and play up your lips.

These are 7 makeup tricks you can use to help you fake a good night’s sleep. What do you do when you’re sleep deprived? I’d love to learn your tricks.

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I agree with all but personally for me, black liquid liner really helps make me look more awake

This is perfect. Bold lips never let me down;)

Perfect tips I agree 100%

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