9 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Prettier ...


9 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Prettier ...
9 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Prettier ...

Eye makeup has always been one of my favorite things to apply, and over the years I’ve learned some great eye makeup tips from a variety of places and sources that I’d like to share with you. Some of these tips, I read about through beauty books, magazines, blogs, and articles of other kinds. Other tips, I picked up in person through a previous experience in modeling and pageants. I learned different things, and learned what worked for me, my time allowance, and my budget. These eye makeup tips will help your eyes look prettier and look bigger without looking overdone or fake. Try them and let me know how you like them!

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Conceal First

Conceal First First things first when considering the best eye makeup tips, ladies. Always, always use concealer and use it first. Also, when selecting a concealer, color is so important; it can either make you look older or enhance the appeal of your eyes. Select a concealer that’s more golden in color. This combats the blue undertones in your eyes, which makes your eyes appear more youthful. When you finish applying the remainder of your makeup, you won’t even see that it’s golden in color. Instead, the concealer works with under eye circles to mask them, and gives you a youthful, slightly dewy glow. My favorite brand is Maybelline’s 24 Hour Colorstay Concealer in Cream/Light. E.L.F. Studio cosmetics also has a great new concealer called Undereye Concealer that’s a concealer and highlighter in one. Be sure to select the color Glow/Medium. With a cost of $3-4, it’s a real budget buy that I use everyday.


Apply It under and on Top

Apply It under and on Top When applying concealer, use your fingers instead of the brush for better, heavier coverage. Otherwise you’re wasting your product by letting it absorb into sponges or using the applicators, which never cover everything evenly. It’s fine to use the applicator to apply it to the skin, but once you do, rub and blend with your fingers. I actually like to “pat,” not rub my concealer into place. It applies it more directly and stays on better and longer this way. Also, always apply on top of your eyelids, and below your eyelids. Make complete circles around your eyes with your concealer. When you apply the rest of your makeup on top, it will give your eyes a really bright, lighted effect that no one would ever guess you created with concealer. It makes the eyes very youthful, and they look bigger and brighter as a result.


Apply Mineral Powder

Apply Mineral Powder Next, before applying your eyeshadow, apply a mineral foundation powder, much like you would use all across your face. Using your fingers, simply pat a bit of the neutral powder under your eyes and on top of your eyelids to spread it evenly. You just need a little to soak up the oils in the concealer. Too much will look cakey, so just apply enough to soak up the concealer and to make everything even. This also gives the perfect base for your eyeshadow, and will help it stay on longer. It also prevents your mascara from blotching under your eyes, which can happen when concealer is still a little wet and mascara tends to stick to it after application.


Apply White Eyeshadow First

Apply White Eyeshadow First I know white eyeshadow seems kind of strange, but it’s the secret ingredient to big eyes! Select a white eyeshadow, and apply it across your whole eyelid, from the corner all the way up to the top. This gives a lifted look and will enhance the look of the other colors you are using.


Crease Time

Crease Time Now it’s time to put your darker color in the crease of your eye. I’m a brunette, so I like using a dark brown with a bit of shimmer. You might have a different favorite dark color like plum or charcoal grey. Use what works for your eyes and your specific hair and skin color. Brown usually works well for almost anybody and looks more natural, in my opinion, for everyday makeup. Also, when applying in the crease, don’t cover your entire eyelid. You want to apply it from the middle of the eyelid in the crease, to the outside corners, not the inside. This allows the white eyeshadow to still be seen, and will make everything appear larger once you’re done. Apply your crease shadow with either your finger, if you have small hands, or apply just a bit of water to a Q-tip and apply it that way. The eyeshadow sticks to the damp Q-tip and goes on better. Just apply it from the middle of the eyelid, and extend out, almost like a triangle across your crease.



Blend Now, get a small eyelid brush, and gently, very gently that is, blend everything together. This is just so you don’t have any harsh lines.


Apply the Final Color

Apply the Final Color Next, you want to apply a highlighter color to your eyelids. This gives them one final lifted effect and it complements the color spectrum you have going on at this point. I like a baby pink, swept just across the top of the brown crease color. It should be applied right over the bone that extends right above your crease line, just barely enough to add a little glow. This gives your eyes a larger, youthful look that’s quite stunning, no matter who wears it. It’s also the secret tip that all models and beauty professionals use.



Eyeliner Now it’s time for my favorite product outside of concealer: eyeliner. I like black eyeliner and always have. I also prefer to use a pencil instead of liquid for better, more even coverage, but use what works for you. Try to stay away from gel pencils. They can rub off really easily, especially on top of eyeshadow already applied. Start at the outside corner of your eye and extend all the way to the inner corner, leaving just a teeny tiny bit without eyeliner. You want to extend almost to the inner eye, but not quite, and more than ¾ of the way. This leaves just enough unlined so you don’t look overdone. If you like liner on the bottom, do the same here. This gives your eyes a large, beautiful look that anyone will take notice of.



Mascara Lastly, apply a good, waterproof mascara. Some of my favorite brands are L'Oreal Voluminous and Hard Candy’s Ginormous mascara. Neither will irritate the eyes, they make the eyes look larger, and they won’t flake off. Apply 2-3 coats on the top lashes and one on the bottom. And you’re done!

Achieving larger eyes truly isn’t too difficult when using the right eye makeup tips. If you have a tip to share with me, please do! What’s your favorite eye makeup tip?

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I don't you should mention what concealor tones to use. Some of us are darker in colour so


If you want your eyes to look larger then you should definitely curl your lashes before applying mascara!

The concealer rule is horrible advice. In some cases, applying concealer is best AFTER because of eyeshadow fallout.

it's kind of inconsiderate :p

Does anyone have good tips on how to put top eyeliner on? Thanks

Apply eyeshadow to your crease with your finger or a wet q tip? I would never do that. Especially after applying concealer. Invest in a great eyeshadow base and crease eyeshadow brush.

@Gianna, put little dots all around the border of your eyes and at the end where you want to wing it, then when the dots look even on both sides just connect the dots with a thin line...whether the line goes upward, downward or curved up, it's all preference, try them different ways and see which one you like better.

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