9 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Prettier ...

Eye makeup has always been one of my favorite things to apply, and over the years I’ve learned some great eye makeup tips from a variety of places and sources that I’d like to share with you. Some of these tips, I read about through beauty books, magazines, blogs, and articles of other kinds. Other tips, I picked up in person through a previous experience in modeling and pageants. I learned different things, and learned what worked for me, my time allowance, and my budget. These eye makeup tips will help your eyes look prettier and look bigger without looking overdone or fake. Try them and let me know how you like them!

1. Conceal First

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First things first when considering the best eye makeup tips, ladies. Always, always use concealer and use it first. Also, when selecting a concealer, color is so important; it can either make you look older or enhance the appeal of your eyes. Select a concealer that’s more golden in color. This combats the blue undertones in your eyes, which makes your eyes appear more youthful. When you finish applying the remainder of your makeup, you won’t even see that it’s golden in color. Instead, the concealer works with under eye circles to mask them, and gives you a youthful, slightly dewy glow. My favorite brand is Maybelline’s 24 Hour Colorstay Concealer in Cream/Light. E.L.F. Studio cosmetics also has a great new concealer called Undereye Concealer that’s a concealer and highlighter in one. Be sure to select the color Glow/Medium. With a cost of $3-4, it’s a real budget buy that I use everyday.

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