7 Eyelash Tips and Tricks to Get the Look You've Always Dreamed of ...


I will readily admit I have made learning eyelash tips and tricks somewhat of an obsession. Eyelashes are my favorite part of my makeup routine to focus on. If you feel the same way, I would love to share my eyelash tips and tricks I have picked up from various sources. I would love if you shared some of yours, too!

1. Buy a Primer

Ladies, you must buy a primer if you are serious about achieving the eyelash look you are dreaming of. Advising you to use primer is one of the best eyelash tips and tricks I can give. Eyelash primer will coat your lashes and give your mascara a bigger surface to cling to. If you arenโ€™t sure how well yours is working, try wearing it only on one eye and applying mascara without primer to the other eye to see the difference. My current favorite eyelash primer is by Hard Candy, which is carried by Walmart. Skip the pricy brands and give this one a try.

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