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Makeup can be fun to play with, but that also means makeup mistakes can be very common. Making makeup mistakes in the privacy of your own home or with your girlfriends is completely fine, but you don't want to go out in public looking like a clown who doesn't know how to apply makeup! Here are a few makeup mistakes too many women make.

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Lipstick on Your Teeth

One of the worst makeup mistakes you can make is having a smudge of red lipstick right across your pearly white teeth. This is so hideous, and yet happens all too often. A great way to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth is by using lip stain as opposed to lip stick or gloss. Since lip stain dries completely, it won't get on your teeth over the course of a day or night, and you can avoid this pesky issue!


Orange Palms

If you are a novice self-tanner, avoid the rookie mistake of having orange palms! Applying self-tanner with your bare hands will ensure that not only your body tans, but that the palms of your hands tan too, which you definitely don’t want. Orange palms are not only ugly, but they are a dead giveaway that your tan is fake as well. Avoid this problem by using a mitt or glove to apply your tanner or by washing your hands thoroughly after an application.


Raccoon Eyes

So many women overdo their eyes by using dark and heavy eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. This look can work for some women, but for most, it makes their eyes look strange and small. Unless you are sure you can pull off the dark eye look, try to avoid making your eyes look too raccoon-ish.


Over-plucked Eyebrows

Over-plucked eyebrows are scary. Some girls space their eyebrows extremely far apart or pluck them into a teensy weensy line -- but this looks so weird! If you are going to pluck your own eyebrows, make sure they look fairly natural when you are done.


Face Doesn’t Match Your Body

If you are going to use a foundation or facial tanner, make sure that your face doesn't come out looking like a mask! Matching your facial makeup to your skin color is extremely important since you want to avoid having either a white or overly tan face compared to the rest of your body.


Thick Foundation

Foundation is not meant to be applied over and over. If you feel like you need to keep reapplying your foundation that probably means you need to get a different one that suits your skin better. Having foundation that is thick and layered on makes your skin look horrible, so avoid doing this.


Clumpy Eyelashes

If you are like me and have very short, pale eyelashes, you are going to be tempted to layer on the mascara. Most beauticians recommend only putting on two coats of mascara since clumpy eyelashes are so ugly, but for some of us two coats simply isn't enough. If you are going to coat your eyelashes several times, make sure that you remove any clumps and separate eyelashes that are stuck together when you are done. Using an eyelash brush can help with this issue.

These classic makeup mistakes should be avoided at all costs. What other makeup mistakes do you notice people make on a regular basis?

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I can't stand when a girl's lip liner is way darker than her lipstick. Ugh!

I hate the tiny pencil line brows and squiggly liner.

I like clumpy lashes too lol

#?????@???... .

I like clumpy lashes lol

Those hideous permanent marker-like drawn-on eyebrows! Ugh! 😖

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