8 Eyeliner Tips for Teenagers ...


You asked for it ladies and now we have it, the top eyeliner tips for teenagers! I've scoured the internet for the top eyeliner tips for teenagers and I've compiled my top 8 ladies for you to enjoy. So girls, what do you say? Want to explore the top 8 eyeliner tips for teenagers that will make your eyes pop and make it easier for you to put eyeliner on?

1. Put Eyeliner on Upper Lids

This eyeliner tip for teenagers can actually work for any age! You always want to start with the upper lids. The reasoning behind that is because once you get the upper lids perfect, you'll be able to move on down to the lower lids and make any changes that you need to. So, play connect the dots and go with the upper lid first!

Go from the outside Corner to in
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