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First impressions are everything when it comes to job interviews and certain makeup tips for a job interview can make all the difference. If you want to stand out above the rest, your makeup is not the area to do it in, ladies. Yes, you should wear makeup to a job interview, but you should also tone things down a lot when it comes to going on a job interview. If you’re applying for a job in the makeup industry, it is fine to create a more defined look, but be sure you choose shades that flatter your face and leave the high fashion, vibrant tones at home. Remember, on a job interview, you want the potential employer to focus on you and not your makeup job. Follow these makeup tips for a job interview, and you’ll look pretty, polished and professional at the same time!

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Use Softer Shades

Use Softer Shades One of the best makeup tips for a job interview is to use softer shades on your face. Use softer eyeshadow colors, such as warm beiges, light pinks and soft browns instead of dramatic tones such as greys, blacks, purple, etc. Also, be sure to use softer shades of blush and lipstick, to keep things more natural.


Use Less

Use Less One easy tip I like to keep in mind when going on a job interview is to just use less makeup overall. I always use less eyeliner, using only a little to skim the bottom portion of my eye. This helps my eyes look more natural and less dramatic, which is what you want. I also use less foundation and use only enough to give me a soft base, not for a full day’s worth of makeup. Lastly, I also use less blush so I don’t overstate my cheeks, but just give them a touch of color.


Don’t Use Bronzer

Don’t Use Bronzer I always suggest leaving the bronzer at home instead of wearing it to a job interview. One reason is because bronzer creates a dramatic look, which is fine and one I really like, but you don’t want to make a statement like this on your job interview with your face. You want to create a softer, almost porcelain look to your skin. Use your regular foundation powder instead of bronzer, and just a little blush. You’ll feel funny at first if you’re used to using bronzer like I am, but I promise, it really makes a difference to leave it off for a job interview.


Go with Softer Lips

Go with Softer Lips Another tip I always like to tell ladies going on job interviews is to use a softer lip color. If you have a favorite red or vibrant coral, it is best to leave those for the weekend or a night out with your friends instead of going on a job interview with. Wear a softer shade such as peach, mauve, or a softer pink. If you like red hues, go with a subtler color, like rose or plum instead of vibrant, bolder ones. Even better is to leave the lipstick alone and wear a neutral color to enhance the natural color of your own lips.


Don’t Wear Anything with Glitter or Shimmer

Don’t Wear Anything with Glitter or Shimmer I adore wearing bronzers, blushes and even eyeshadows that have a little shimmer to them, but you do not want to wear these on a job interview! For starters, they can be so pretty and alluring they take the attention off what you’re saying in your interview, which is the most important thing. The potential employer might be so focused on your makeup that they’re not listening to you. Or, on other occasions, it could give the impression that you’re dramatic, flamboyant, and high maintenance, none of which you want to seem on a job interview. Stick with matte colored products instead, which are safe, pretty and soft at the same time.


Make Sure You’re Not Oily

Make Sure You’re Not Oily If you’re a really nervous person, it can be easy to sweat before a job interview, but you want to be sure your makeup isn’t sweating along with you! To keep your face from looking oily or shiny, be sure to buy the right foundation and powder to combat this. I like BB creams and powders, which really help to take the shine away from your face pretty well. Also, be sure that you carry oil blotting sheets if you need to use them right before your interview.


Buy Good Mascara

Buy Good Mascara Lastly, one very important makeup tip for job interviews is to make sure you have a good mascara that will not smudge, crease on your eyelids, or run if the weather is humid, etc. Find a brand that stays on your lashes very well, and then let me know which one you love, because I’m still trying to find the perfect one! The last thing we want to do is leave our job interviews looking like we’ve been crying with mascara all over our eyes!

Going on a job interview is tough enough and the last thing you want to do is be worried about your makeup. Think less overall, and you’ll be safe when it comes to applying makeup correctly. Then, you can head out that night with your friends to celebrate when you get the job, and feel free to wear your full face of makeup! Do you do your makeup differently when going on a job interview?

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Rimmel has the best mascaras! I've never really disliked any of them and I've never had a problem with smudging or running.

Blinc is the best brand of mascara ever. It stays on all day without running, and comes off as tubes when you gently rub your eyes with warm water. I highly recommend this brand of mascara!!

Covergirl lashblast mascara is amazing, the best I've used by far, and here in Australia it's cheap from any grocery store

For the mascara: Chanel, "inimitable", pricey but long lasting (on eyes and the tube lasts for so long without drying), very black, natural looking but volumizing enough...perfect.

I love Mabylline New York rocket volume mascara! It's amazing and stays on all day and gives wonderful volume :)

I also love dior show for mascara!

Mary Kay has really good mascara!

I second the rimmel comment! They have the best mascaras around ... I've tried three different kinds and have never been disappointed

the lancome star hypnose is my favourite so far

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