7 Wonderful Eye Makeup Tricks from the Experts ...


7 Wonderful Eye Makeup Tricks from the Experts ...
7 Wonderful Eye Makeup Tricks from the Experts ...

If you’re after eye makeup tricks to help you get the most out of your makeup, who better to look to for advice than the experts? Eyes are a big focal point, but they can also be a delicate and tricky area to manoeuvre. Generally, the goal with eye makeup is to open up and lift the eyes for a fresher look, so any tip or trick that can make the whole makeup application process easier is a winner in our books. Check out these eye makeup tricks straight from the experts.

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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots When it comes to eye makeup tricks, application can make all the difference. When applying eyeliner, Laura Mercier suggests using a series of dashes instead of one single movement. Start by drawing a series of dashes from the outer corners of the eyes, moving inwards, as close to the lash line as possible. Then, connect the dots to create a smooth line and finish.


Pat down

Pat down The skin around our eyes is delicate, so avoid rubbing or tugging on it. Like the previous tip, this one for covering under eye circles also involves dotting on your makeup. Place dots of concealer from the inner corner to the middle of your eye and then gently pat them down with your ring finger to blend. Generally, the ring finger is the weakest and gentlest finger so won’t tug or pull at the skin unnecessarily.


Get Prepped

Get Prepped Make your eye shadow last longer by prepping your eyelids properly. Makeup artist Sandy Linter suggests prepping your lids with an eye shadow base, or some concealer and translucent powder. This will ensure that your eye shadow has something to grip to, making it less likely to slide and crease.


Create Contours

Create Contours An old trick to opening up the eyes is to create a “V” shape at the outer corners when contouring. Sandy Linter suggests lining the eye sockets with a lighter shade than used on the lashes and extending the line to the outer corners to create a “V” shape.


Brighten up

Brighten up Open and brighten up your eyes by dabbing pale gold cream shadow to the inner corners. This idea of applying lighter colour shadow to the inner corners of your eyes is a popular one, and with good reason. According to makeup artist Tim Pecheux, doing this makes the eyes look wide open and beautiful in the light.


Add Water

Add Water Makeup can be pretty expensive, so sometimes it’s not feasible to own a range of different makeup shades. However, you can deepen the colour of any powder eye shadow just with the help of a little water. Makeup artist Jeanine Lobell suggests dipping a small, firm brush in water before swiping it over the shade. It can also help the shadow last longer. She does warn, however, not to try blending two shades when using this trick.


Lash out

Lash out To make your lashes look longer, just by using a single mascara wand, pay attention to the direction in which you apply your mascara. If you start from the inner corner and move outwards, you might want to rethink this. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff suggests working from the outer to the inner corners of your eyes instead. That way, you’ll deposit more mascara on the outer lashes first, making them appear longer, and you’ll have just the right amount left when you get to the inner corners.

A great makeup trick can make all the difference. These are just some eye makeup tips and tricks that are popular with the makeup experts. Do you have any eye makeup tricks you’d like to share?

Source: allure.com; elle.com

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Cool article

Can someone explain the 4th point! Makes no sense to me.


I'm rubbish at applying liquid eyeliner, so am going to give the join-the-dots technique a whirl! Also, a really brilliant eyelid primer is Trish McEvoy's Eye Base: it cancels out discolouration brilliantly and holds eyeshadow all day long.

No ofence but no.2 and no.3 pics scares me

Sorry the picture on tip number one is TERRIBLE

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