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Read these nine things you should know about mineral makeup if you are on the fence about trying them.This information will at least give you some good facts so you can choose the right product to try and and lay to rest some common misconceptions. After reading nine things you should know about mineral makeup I hope you will give it a try.

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Great for Acne

One of the first things you should know about mineral makeup is that it is good for skin with acne. You see, mineral makeup is not likely to have bacterial growth they way liquid foundations do. Because of this it tends to not irritate the skin.


Don’t Be Fooled

Unfortunately, not all mineral makeup is purely mineral. Many contain fillers. Even brands with labels that read “contains 100% minerals” are misleading. All that label means is that the mineral in the product are 100% pure, but the product itself may contain other ingredients. Read the list and double check for yourself.


Some Minerals Are Bad

Another reason to read the ingredients list to check for harmful minerals. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is good for you. Bismuth oxychloride is one such mineral. Most mineral makeup companies have removed it from their products after many customers were experiencing allergic reactions.


Dry Skin

Some people have thought that mineral makeup is too dry for already dry skin. This just isn’t so. If you start by applying a moisturizer to your face, mineral makeup will adhere just fine. Some companies even make a hydration spray to use after application.



One thing I love about mineral makeup is it provides natural sun protection. Most all mineral makeup contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are well known for their UV ray fighting potential.

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Mixing Shades

I have found that I can get an easy match to my skin tone by mixing a couple of different shades together. It seems to be more successful and less wasteful than when I try to mix together liquid foundations. I love that I can get a custom color that matches my tone perfectly.



Many women get confused on how exactly to apply mineral foundations. No worries. You want to use a brush to buff in the powder using a downward stroke. Some think it is good to swirl all over the face but that actually causes the little hairs on your skin to stand and pick up more powder and pigment. By applying in a downward motion you are moving in the direction of the hairs and blending into the skin.


Mix It up

Since everything is a powder, you can use it how you want. My favorite bronzer is actually a mineral eyeshadow. Some of my mineral blushes double as eyeshadows. With mineral makeup the options are endless.


Apply It Wet

Did you know you can even apply your mineral makeup on wet? It is true. You can do this by mixing the powder with a little bit of water, moisturizer or primer. Like I said before, the options really are endless with mineral makeup.

What do you think about mineral makeup? Do you like it? Have you even tried it out yet? Now that you have read these important facts will you give it a go?

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I've been using mineral foundation for years, so much easier !

A downside is that mineral makeup, because it's such a fine material, sinks into fine lines and wrinkles and makes them stand out

Where can we find mineral makeup? any store or website someone might recommend?

Tired mineral powder and it wasn't bad.

Love the original bare minerals. Love the newer "ready" kind even more! Less mess since it's in a compact.

Good tips, I wasn't aware of applying it in a downward motion. I was told when I first bought mineral makeup to apply it in a circular motion. I'll certainly try out some of these tips.

@Angelica drugstores will have it. But if you want higher end check out Sephora or Ulta!! (:

Tried *

I haven't tried and didn't know a lot about it, but after this article ill definitely try

#3 is so true! I had to switch brands to avoid the warm, itchy sensation in my cheeks when i put my powder on.

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