Classic Tips to Help Fix a Mascara Smudge without Ruining the Rest of Your Makeup ...

By Holly

Classic Tips to Help Fix a Mascara Smudge without Ruining the Rest of Your Makeup ...

You don't have to wash off all of your makeup when you smudge your mascara. There's an easy way for you to fix the mess without ruining your foundation, eye shadow, and eye liner. All you have to do is follow this tip from Good
All you need to do is grab a small concealer brush. Dip it in micellar water, and then you'll be able to remove the smudge without ruining the rest of your makeup. That's why you need to rush out and get some micellar water ASAP.

That's really all you need in order to fix your makeup. Have you ever used micellar water before?

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I do the same with cotton swabs and water.

Or you could buy some Q-tips, wet the tip & works just as well

There are two type of micelles water one for regular makeup and one for waterproof by Garnier

Or you could buy some Q-tips & it works just as well 👌🏽

Or then you can put concealer on it :)

I just wait a few seconds until it dries and blend it out with a makeup brush. @Michael Barker I use They're Real too and it comes right off If by some chance you can't get it all off just dab on concealer and blend blend blend. It usually comes off with out having to use concealer

I agree with Veronica.

Does this trick work on 'They're Real' Beyond Brown water proof mascara?

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