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Ombre hair always looks sexy, and ombre nails are as cute as can be, so why stop there? You can actually add some ombre looks into your makeup routine by changing the way you apply your eye shadow and lipstick. Sure, it'll take a little time to adjust to the new routine, but the effort will be worth it. Here are a few ombre makeup tutorials for your trendiest looks:

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Ombre Eye Shadow

You're going to need quite a few colors in order to create an ombre eye. Start by applying a gold shade on the inner corner of your eye, then use a copper shade of shadow, and follow it up with a deep purple. Before you do all of this, you should make sure to place a piece of tape on the edges of your eyes, so that you're able to be messy.


Ombre Lips

This video will show you how to create three different types of ombre lips. The first one involves creating a dark edge on the outside of your lips and a lighter color on the inside of your lips. That means you should start by using lip liner to outline your lips with a thick line. Then you should soften the edges, and finish by placing your favorite light lipstick in the center of it all.


Ombre Eye Liner

This tutorial will show you how to create a modern pin-up look that'll make you look like a model. You're going to start by using white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes, and then use a light blue toward the middle. Then you can take a navy blue liner and apply it to the outer edge of your eye. Blend all of those colors together and you're done!


Autumn Ombre

If you're going to create ombre eyes in autumn, you need to choose colors that will fit the season. After you finish applying your concealer, you should grab a peachy eye shadow and place it on your lid. Then you can use a navy color on the outer third of your eyes. After you blend, you're all finished.


Ombre Brows and Lips

To create ombre brows, all you have to do is fill in the outer corners of your eyebrows with a darker color than the inside of your eyebrows. When it comes to your lips, you should use a dark red lip liner on the outside of your lips and then fill in the center of your lips with a slightly lighter red.

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Ombre Lips

This tutorial contains a new way for you to do your eyeliner in addition to a cute way to create ombre lips. The woman in this video uses a darker lip liner and a lighter lipstick, just like the women in the previous tutorials. However, this time, she uses black eyeliner to outline the edges of her lips to make it appear even darker on the outside.


Colorful Ombre Eyebrows

Coloring your eyebrows might sound like a ridiculous idea, but it could come in handy this Halloween. All you need is to find three different pigmented matte shadows. Then you should fill in your brow with the lightest colors in the front and the darkest colors in the back.

All of your friends will flock to you for beauty tips after they see how gorgeous your ombre makeup came out. Do you want to try creating ombre eyes or lips first?

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I've tried ombré lips; it doesn't quite work so well when you don't have a full pout.

5 & 6 barely look like ombré lips

Gotta try them all! Thanks for the article!

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