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Which Color Eyeliner Will Work the Best for You?

By Alison

If you always use the same black, grey or navy eyeliner, then it's time for a change! With all the gorgeous colors out there, there's sure to be more than one shade that suits you. And while there's always a place for classic neutrals, experimenting with brighter jewel tones can really enhance your eyes. Here's how to tell which color will work best for you …

1 Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue Blue eyes can be overwhelmed by darker shades (grey or brown is a better neutral). But by picking a different shade, you can really make your eyes look brighter. Copper, gold and terracotta might not be shades that you'd think of using, but because they contrast with your eyes they will make your eyes seem even bluer and brighter.

2 Gorgeous Green

Gorgeous Green What's the opposite of green on the color wheel? Red, so you should look for a liner with red or purple tones. Bronze, amethyst and aubergine can look stunning against your green eyes. However, if they make your eyes look tired you should first use a black liner. You can also try bronze and brown.

3 Bewitching Brown

Bewitching Brown Brown eyes are one color that can wear a matching eyeliner (blue liner on blue eyes would look awful!). But you can take it up a notch with an amber liner to bring out the color of your eyes. Darker shades like midnight blue work very well on dark brown eyes, while lighter brown eyes can try gold or green.

4 Handsome Hazel

Handsome Hazel Hazel eyes have a variety of options. If you want to enhance the green in your eyes, then you should opt for an emerald green or gold eyeliner. You can use a brown liner if you want to make the color in your eyes look rich. Because of the green in your eyes, you can also wear bronze or plum.

5 Pale Skin

Pale Skin It's also important to bear your skin tone in mind as well as your eye color. If you have pale skin, you should steer clear of black liner; it's far too harsh for your skin. You'll probably only get away with black liner if you're going for a dramatic cats-eye look. Otherwise you should try brown instead, which will be much more flattering than harsh black.

6 Dark Skin

Dark Skin If you're African-American, on the other hand, black liner will look stunning on you. And because you need strongly-pigmented colors, you can wear bold shades that would overwhelm other women. Look for strong colors like amethyst, teal, emerald and many other blue or green shades.

7 Olive or Asian Skin

Olive or Asian Skin What are the best shades if you have olive skin? You can also wear black liner, but if you want a brighter shade try bronze. Asian women can also wear black, dark brown or midnight blue if they want darker shades. For a brighter color try plum, violet, gold or green.

Of course you can always experiment; sometimes a surprising color will work for you. And eyeliners tend to be quite economical to buy, so you can afford to try out different colors. But generally each eye color has certain makeup colors that work best with them. And remember that you can also use eyeshadow to line your eyes. So have fun trying out different colors in your palette!

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