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Do you feel like you need help learning to apply a certain type of makeup? Maybe you’re just tired of doing your makeup the same way and want some fresh inspiration. Most of us feel that way from time to time. These’re 7 different ways to learn new makeup techniques whether you need help or just want to shake things up.

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Read up on the Subject

One thing you can do to learn new makeup techniques is read up on the subject. There’re tons of books on the subject of makeup and makeup application. All of us learn differently. If you learn best by reading about something then this may be what works best for you. One good thing about books is that they go in depth and cover lots of details. You can also go back and reread certain sections over as many times as you wish.


Watch Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorial videos can be very helpful in learning new makeup techniques. One great thing about this option is that you can see exactly how they achieve a certain result. You can also back up and watch certain parts of a video over and over as you need to. You can even do your makeup along right with the person sharing the tutorial to go step by step in your makeup application as they do. Lately, I’ve really been digging tutorials by Estee Lalonde.


Have a Makeover

Having a makeover is always fun; it’s also a great way to learn a new technique. Many stores offer free makeovers to their customers and you could even score some free samples or coupons for their products. You can also get in touch with a Mary Kay consultant for a free makeover in your home. You may discover some great new products while learning a new way to apply your makeup.


Ask Your Friends for Tips

Do you have a friend who always has amazing makeup? If so then you’ve hit the jackpot! Take advantage of that and ask them for help. They’ll most likely feel flattered and love helping you learn a new way of wearing your makeup. Anyone who’s truly amazing with makeup application is usually somewhat passionate about it and would love to share that passion with others.


Page through a Magazine

Magazines can offer you some guidance on makeup application techniques. There’re many articles that give you step by step advice on how to wear a certain look. Also, you may just see a picture of someone’s makeup that you love. From there, you could try to recreate the look. It’s inspiring to see new makeup looks.


Scroll through Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing source of not only inspiration but the knowledge on how to get to the end result. Tutorials and instructions abound! I’ve got tons of pins saved that’ve helped me to learn new makeup techniques. What’s great is that you can search for help with a specific makeup look and get a lot of helpful information.


Be Experimental

You know, you can learn a lot just by being experimental in your makeup application. Go for a look you love. You may discover a completely different way of achieving it. It could be end up being easier than any instruction from a tutorial or article. Don’t limit yourself to trying only new techniques; try new makeup combinations, too.

These’re 7 ways to learn new makeup techniques. Which way of learning works best for you? What makeup technique are you dying to master?

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Me too Claire and I'vs watched literally hundreds of tutorials :(

I literally watch tutorials just hoping that their makeup skills will rub off on me....

Or use a credit card held to your eye it does great wings on your eyes it looks so nice after hope it helps somebody 😀

@ jackie use tape, band aid, credit card or the straight side of a lotion bottle YOU GOT THIS GIRL! its easier than it seems. you will be doing your cat eye like nothing in no time (:

@jackie try using tape to get a crisp line it really helps me!!

I literally find it impossible to do the cat eye. It's so hard eugfhdhwn

I'm dying to master a great smokey cat eye. I use liquid eyeliner and have tried free handed I just can't get it right.

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