The New Makeup Trend for Smokey Eye Lovers ...


We've all gotten used to wearing dark smokey eyes, so this new big makeup trend might sound terrifying to some of you. What is it? Well, according to Glamour, women are now wearing bright shades on their eyes.
In fact, sometimes eye shadow isn't even used. Women are applying lipstick to their eyes!
But somehow, they still look fabulous!
Do you like this trend, or will you never actually do what these women did?

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Not for me at all! It looks like a child put it on them. To each their own but I'd never do this

No i won't! It's awful!

Lipstick* on eyes... oh my goodness no

So awful! It's like a kid draw on their eyes. There is nothing professional or nice looking about that trend. Eww

It's like going back to nursery. I think I will stick to my eyeliner and mascara

I will never try dz

Noooo thank you!

I think it only looks good on you if you're on the runway.


Eww! I will never try any if these!

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