7 Beyonce Inspired Makeup Tutorials ...

Who's sexier than Beyonce? Nobody, that's who. If you're trying to find a new way to wear your makeup, then you might as well go to the source of all things beauty. After all, it doesn't matter if Beyonce is stepping out of her house or onto the red carpet, because she always looks fabulous. Here are some of the hottest makeup tutorials that were inspired by her style:

1. Vogue Inspired

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After you apply foundation that fits your skin color, you can use a highlighter in order to draw attention to certain areas of your face. Then you can apply black eyeliner to your upper lash line. Of course, Beyonce rocked a double winged look on her Vogue color, which means that you need to add a second wing beneath the first one. When you're finished with your eyes, you can line your lips with a dark color and fill it in with a lighter shade.

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