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Makeup Mistakes That Are Making Your Eyes Look Smaller ...

By Cassandra

Let's talk about that moment when you try really hard to make your eyes look bigger, bolder and sexier, but you end up overestimating *just* how much eyeliner you actually need . You set out with the best intentions when you were lining your bottom lash line, but boom! You made one simple mistake and now your smokey cat eye is uneven and leaves a lot to be desired.

There's nothing worse than beating your face , only to realize that the end goal isn't really what you were going for . If you want to make your eyes look bigger, these are the makeup don'ts you must avoid at all costs !

1 Skipping out on Concealer when You Have Serious Dark Circles

Fact: Concealer is the holy grail of makeup. It's basically a magic eraser; not only does it get rid of all traces of the night before from your face, it also brightens your eyes . Color correcting concealers , which work to enhance different parts of your face, are a total game changer.

2 Ignoring Your Eye Shape when You Apply Eye Shadow

True #makeupgoals isn't just achieving a simple but sexy smoky eye when you're trying to beat the clock, but rather one that perfectly compliments the natural shape of your eyes. Adding too much eye shadow actually makes your eyes look smaller , which is the complete opposite of what you're going for!

3 Ignoring Your Eye Shape when You Apply Eyeliner

You're not out of the red zone yet ! Overlining your eyes is just as counterproductive as the above point. Make your look more dramatic and fierce by striking the balance between a wing that is *just* long enough and liner that isn't too overpowering .

4 Overpowering Your Lids with Faux Lashes

Give us a pair of lush falsies and we can conquer the world . Although I'm a fan of the natural look, I love seeing women rocking Hollywood inspired lashes . Rule of thumb: If you're going for a more subdued look, avoid overstacking your lash strips. They will weigh your lids down.

5 Filling in Your Waterline with Black Eyeliner

Be extra cautious when you use black eyeliner to fill in your waterline. Even though it makes your eyes look more dramatic, it'll also make you look like you're squinting! Making a simple color change to white or a neutral tone will fix that.

6 Skipping out on Mascara

Mascara is the secret sauce of the makeup game. If you have thinner (or shorter) lashes, coating them in mascara will make a *major* difference, trust us. It's super easy to do. Just make sure you start with the bottom first before moving to the right and then left of your top lashes. One swipe of this magical marker and it'll perk up those blinkers .

7 Skipping out on Your Lash Curler

Do this before you apply your mascara and you'll thank us later. This will give your doe-eyes the perfect angle in every selfie you'll be taking later!

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