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Makeup Hacks to Make You Look More Awake for Girls Who Can't Get the Rest the Night before ...

By Jessica

We all have those mornings where you wake up feeling exhausted and down on energy- And usually, your face shows it! If you struggle with looking awake when you're lacking some serious Z's, here are some incredible hacks that create the appearance of rest! It's all about faking it, right?

1 Red Lipstick for Tired Eyes!

I know it sounds funny but red lipstick under the eyes will cancel out any blue/purple tones. An orange-tones lipstick might sound scary, but just blend away and conceal after!

2 Cold Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

Cold tea bags work to reduce puffiness around and under the eyes. The tannins in tea are one component while the coolness acts as a mini ice pack! You can also achieve similar results with chilled eye cream.

3 The Inverted Triangle

I use this technique all the time. Concealing under your eyes in the shape of an inverted triangle will brighten, highlight and lift your face! It looks crazy before you blend it out but trust me it works wonders! Use a small, damp beauty blender to gently blend out your concealer after you've applied foundation. And don't forget to set it all when you're done blending!

4 Highlight Brow Bone

Highlighting your brow bone not only defines your eyebrows but gives the appearance of a more awake and alert appearance! After you fill your brows in, highlight with a brow highlighter (I use a creamy ultra light pink pencil) or concealer and blend away.

5 Corner Highlight

White or shimmer shadow in the corner of your eyes will open them up for sure! I use this technique constantly and it's perfect for reversing the effects of exhaustion. An instant and incredibly simple "pop" you must try!

6 White/nude Eyeliner on Waterline

Black eyeliner on the top lid makes your eyes appear bigger. But, black liner in the bottom lid as well make your eyes appear smaller. So, use a white or nude liner on your bottom lid/water line and you're set!

7 Curly Lashes and Mascara!

Don't forget the most critical step which is curling your lashes! Big, curled lashes with make your eyes way more open and they will pop! Adding mascara only adds to the drama. It really makes a huge difference, especially on those tired eye days!

I hope this list was helpful! I would love to hear any other tips you'd like to add for looking more awake!

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