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8 Fab Eye Makeup Tricks to Hide Puffiness ...

By Heather

Whether you've been drinking the night before or you just naturally have puffy eyes, we all sometimes need some makeup tricks for puffy eyes to make them – well, unpuffy! I know that if I don't get enough sleep at night, my eyes are super puffy and that's when knowing the right makeup tricks for puffy eyes comes in handy! With my sleepless nights and tons of experimenting, I've come up with my list of 8 makeup tips for puffy eyes that will leave your eyes smooth and so pretty!

1 Conceal Dark Circles

Typically with puffy eyes come dark circles – at least for me! If you have dark circles under your eyes, that can make your eyes look even puffier. That's why concealing those dark circles is at the top of my makeup tricks for puffy eyes to make them look calm, cool and collected!

2 Get 'Wow' Lashes

Oh your lashes, girls, these are going to be your BFFs when you have puffy eyes! One makeup trip for puffy eyes that I've learned all about is that if you have really lush and brilliant eyelashes, nobody is going to be looking at how puffy your eyes are! So just a little extra mascara and even using a lash curler are both great ways to get 'wow' lashes!

3 Thicker Eyebrows

I know it seems like we are avoiding our puffy eyes, but things like thicker brows and thicker eyelashes will definitely help draw attention away from your puffy eyes. Sometimes it's just about drawing attention away from the puffiness. And I have some more additional makeup tricks that will help conceal that puffiness below, so take a look!

4 Shimmer under Eyes

Did you know that adding a little bit of shimmer and shine under your eyes can actually take away the appearance of puffiness? Just one swipe of shimmer powder can work wonders, trust me. For me, I actually use gold shimmer powder and it does all kinds of wonders for my eyes.

5 Use a White Eyeliner Pencil

White eyeliner pencil is another eye makeup trick that a lot of people don't know about! It can highlight your eyes, really bring them out and can actually really make your color stand out. White eyeliner will also make your eyes look more awake!

6 Lots of Vitamin K

If you really want to kick that puffiness to the curb, cucumbers are not the only things that can do it. Lots and lots of vitamin K is the key! Just make sure that your moisturizer is jam-packed with vitamin K and that you are generous with it around your eyes!

7 Caffeinate Your Eyes

Caffeinating your eyes is another way that you can reduce the puffiness. Garnier actually makes an amazing eye-roller that has caffeine right inside of it. This will make your eyes look more awake and will really draw out the puffiness that you have. So if you've been up all night, get this stick to bust away that puffiness!

8 Fine Eyeliner

Finally girls, the last makeup trick for puffy eyes that I have is all about your eyeliner. Don't use eyeliner that is too thick, instead, keep it light and fine. You want just a hint of eyeliner, not something that looks super overwhelming!

So girls, if you've been working nights and still want to make your eyes look wide awake and vibrant, these are my makeup tips! What other tips do you have to share?

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