8 Fab Eye Makeup Tricks to Hide Puffiness ...


Whether you've been drinking the night before or you just naturally have puffy eyes, we all sometimes need some makeup tricks for puffy eyes to make them – well, unpuffy! I know that if I don't get enough sleep at night, my eyes are super puffy and that's when knowing the right makeup tricks for puffy eyes comes in handy! With my sleepless nights and tons of experimenting, I've come up with my list of 8 makeup tips for puffy eyes that will leave your eyes smooth and so pretty!

1. Conceal Dark Circles

Typically with puffy eyes come dark circles – at least for me! If you have dark circles under your eyes, that can make your eyes look even puffier. That's why concealing those dark circles is at the top of my makeup tricks for puffy eyes to make them look calm, cool and collected!

Get 'Wow' Lashes
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