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11 Eyeliner Tips for Blue Eyes ...

By Mikala

Eyeliner tips for blue eyes will help you enhance and show off one of your best features. Eyeliner can be a subtle or dramatic way to draw attention to your eyes, but it will always make your eye color stand out even more. Blue eyes are gorgeous on their own, but these eyeliner tips will make them stand out even more.

1 Purple Eyeliner

Purple eyeliner is a great way to draw attention to blue eyes. Since purple is a mixture of blue and red, its undertones draw attention to your blue eyes. It’s best to choose deeper, darker purple eyeliners for enhancing blue eyes. First apply a soft pink or brown eye shadow, then add purple eyeliner and black mascara.

2 Water Line

This eyeliner tip for blue eyes may take some practice since the water line is so close to your eye, but it’s a great way to add some drama. Gently pull your lower eyelid away from your eye, and very carefully add black liner onto the water line. Usually a gel liner or an eye shadow works best to complete this look.

3 Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner, or cat eyeliner, is one of the best eyeliner tips for blue eyes! Winged liner draws other’s attention to your eyes and makes them the focal point of your face. You can complete this look by using any shade of eyeliner. You can make a subtle winged eyeliner effect by drawing a thin line, or add some drama by making the eyeliner thicker and bolder.

4 Brown Eyeliner

Browns and bronzes are complementary colors to blue, causing your blue eyes to really stand out. Complementary colors cause each other to be their brightest and most true shade when they are placed next to each other. So choose dark brown or bronze eyeliner to line your lids when you’re wanting to bring attention to your blue eyes.

5 Highlight

Highlight your eyes by adding some hints of white eye shadow or eyeliner to make your blue eyes pop. Add white eyeliner to your water line, or apply it just to the inner corner of your eyes to draw attention to your blue eyes. Since white reflects more light than other colors, it draws our eyes to it, making the eyes the focal point of the face. This eyeliner tip for blue eyes will definitely make your eyes pop!

6 Liquid Eyeliner

Since liquid eyeliner goes on as a liquid and dries to a solid, opaque finish, it is bolder and more attention grabbing. The important thing to remember is applying liquid eyeliner takes practice, so don’t give up on applying straight and even lines…it is possible! Once you perfect your liquid liner skills, try using it to apply a winged eyeliner look.

7 Glittery Gold Liner

This eyeliner tip for blue eyes is a fun and dramatic eyeliner look. Gold accentuates blue eyes since it has orange and brown undertones that are complementary to blue. Add glitter and you have an eye-catching, show-stopping eyeliner look!

8 Experiment

There are few eyeliner colors listed here that you should try, but they're not your only options. Different shades of blue eyes work best with different colors. So take some time, try different purples, browns, grays, and silvers! Not only will this be fun, but eventually you'll find the one that fits you best.

9 Avoid Blues and Blacks

For the most part using blue eyeliner will make your eyes look dull and not help them to stand out at all. If you're adamant on using blues, go for the darker shades so that there's still some contrast to help your eyes pop. Black eyeliner won't help to complement your eyes either and will likely make them look smaller.

10 White Eyeliner

Who doesn't want their eyes to look bigger?! The best way to do this is to get white eyeliner and apply it to your inner lash lines. Make sure not to put too much or you'll look silly! The white will brighten up your eyes making them look bigger and you more awake.

11 Thin Application

Make sure not to lay it on thick! Too much eyeliner can look heavy on your eyes and make them look smaller. Blue eyes are light and delicate, so try to avoid making them look heavier by applying too much eyeliner.

Experimenting with eyeliner is fun and an easy way to change up your regular makeup look while enhancing the color of your eyes. These eyeliner tips for blue eyes are easy to achieve, and you can apply a different look every day! What are your favorite makeup tips for blue eyes? What is the best eyeliner, in your opinion?

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