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7 Clever Makeup Tricks for Jowls ...

By Heather

If you have jowls, you've probably been searching all over for makeup tricks for jowls that will make your face appear slimmer and hide those jowls! Well girls, I've got the low-down on the top makeup tricks for jowls that really work and that will make your jowls disappear instantly! If you've tried every trick in the book to hide them, take a look at my tricks below and you'll see just how easy it is to make them disappear!

1 Extend Your Foundation to Neckline

When you are putting on foundation, do you actually extend your foundation down your neckline? Foundation extending is just one of the top makeup tricks for jowls that will make them disappear in no time and will make your face look flawless. For me, I use a makeup sponge and make sure to just drag my foundation down to the middle of my collarbone.

2 Powder down Your Neck

With foundation extending, you've also got to extend your powder! Just a little bit of powder down your neck will make sure that all of your makeup sets and that it all looks perfect. My next tip? It'll be all about the importance of blending, so before the powder, make sure to blend!

3 Blend

Blending is honestly something that a lot of women forget about and that, in turn, makes their face a different color from their neck. Girls, if you want your jowls to completely disappear (or at least have the appearance of them being completely gone), you've got to get into the blending game!

4 Know What You Are Going for

When you are putting on your makeup, you always want to know exactly what look you are going for. Do you want your chin to seem thinner? Want your cheekbones to be higher? What exactly are you looking to do, besides just hiding your jowls? How do you want your face to look. Think about that.

5 Matte Bronzer

When you are contouring your face to really make those jowls completely disappear, you've got to use a bit of matte bronzer. Anything shimmery or shiny in your bronzer can actually draw attention to your jowls, instead of making them disappear. So forget the shimmer and shine and just go with matte!

6 Angled Brush

The type of brush that you are using is just as important as the actual makeup and an angle brush is going to be your best bet! This will allow you more control when you are contouring and blending and will really make all of the difference in the finished product! These brushes are available anywhere, just find one that you like.

7 Highlight above Jawline

Finally, to really make those jowls disappear, use a highlighter above your jawline and even along your cheekbones, so you can draw some attention there instead of what is under your skin. Truthfully, this is one of my secrets that I use all of the time! I even take it a step further and use a little over my blush to highlight my cheeks!

So girls, if you've been dying to hide your jowls, but don't know how, don't worry! We've got your back! So, what other tips do you have to hide jowls? Any that I haven't shared? Give 'em up in the comments!

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