9 Incredibly Dramatic Makeup Looks to Try ...


9 Incredibly Dramatic Makeup Looks to Try ...
9 Incredibly Dramatic Makeup Looks to Try ...

Dramatic makeup looks are becoming some of the best makeup looks out there. Whether you are looking to just do something different or you are just looking for some drama to liven up your look, these dramatic makeup looks are super cool and totally hot! While some of them would be great for a Halloween night, a lot of them would look great and are ideal for someone that is bold!

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Leopard Print

Leopard Print Leopard print is one of the top dramatic makeup looks that is wicked popular and so chic! Whether you put a splash of this look along your eyes or you go full-face with it, it's one of the greatest dramatic makeup looks out there! I actually love this look – no matter how you swing it!


Lace Look

Lace Look Did you know that you can actually put lace along your eyelashes or you can even paint lace along your entire face? The lace look is very in and it's definitely one of the dramatic makeup looks that tons of people are pulling off this season. This look has been seen on countless runways and truthfully, I think it's a great – and unique look!


Colorful Look

Colorful Look Colors are very in this season girls and trust me, the more colorful the better. Whether you are looking to pull off colored eyeliner or you are thinking about doing a full rainbow on each eye, you need to incorporate color somehow. For me, it's all about bright and bold lips and bright and bold eyes.


Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts I love anything that has to do with Alice in Wonderland and truthfully, the Queen of Hearts is my favorite character. If you've been trying to get this look into your makeup somehow, why not just add in a heart here and there? Also, I love doing a heart in the middle of my lips – it's hot and sexy!


Black Swan

Black Swan Black Swan was absolutely one of my favorite movies! Not only was is suspenseful and strange, but the makeup was absolutely breathtaking. If you've been trying to duplicate this makeup for months, don't worry! It's all about the blacks and whites girls!



Swirls Whether you are placing swirls along the ends of your eyes or adding in swirls along your cheeks, swirls are definitely in! For me, I actually extend my eyeliner a little bit and swirl it at the end. It makes a statement and actually looks pretty good too! People constantly ask me about my swirl – so it's even a conversation piece!


Ombre Makeup

Ombre Makeup Ombre is very in for hair, but it's also in for makeup! You start with one shade at the forehead and then just fade down from there! It's unique, totally off the wall and definitely dramatic! This is the ideal makeup look if you are heading out to a high-end party!


Shimmer & Shine

Shimmer & Shine Another dramatic makeup look all boils down to the glitter, the shimmer, the shine and all about the glitz and the glam. The more shiny the better girls! This look is all about making your eyes pop, your lips pop and making your cheeks shimmer and shine a little bit more.


Mega Smoky Eye

Mega Smoky Eye Finally, the last dramatic makeup look that we're going to discuss is the mega smoky eyes. This is an eye makeup look that really makes your eyes stand out – so, go a little crazy with it! Try a different color, try thicker eyeliner, try something higher on your eye. Go nuts!

So girls, there are my top dramatic makeup looks! What other makeup looks do you have? Any that you can share? Give me a shout out in the comments!

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