9 Luscious Lipsticks for Valentine's Day ...

There are many wonderful lipsticks for Valentine’s Day in many color options. Since the traditional colors for Valentine’s Day are pink, purple, and red, I chose my favorite lipsticks in each of these shades. If you are looking for a classic yet fun pout for the holiday, than you need to check out these luscious lipsticks for Valentine’s Day.

1. Lime Crime – Velvetines in Red Velvet

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Lime Crime’s Velvetines tops my list of the best lipsticks for Valentine’s Day. This lipstick goes on as a liquid and dries completely matte. It will almost feel like powder on your lips! This lipstick is kiss-proof making it a great option to wear out on your Valentine’s Day date. This lipstick has developed a cult-like following so order yours as soon as you can! Visit limecrime.com to grab Velvetines ASAP.

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