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I will readily admit I have made learning eyelash tips and tricks somewhat of an obsession. Eyelashes are my favorite part of my makeup routine to focus on. If you feel the same way, I would love to share my eyelash tips and tricks I have picked up from various sources. I would love if you shared some of yours, too!

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Buy a Primer

Ladies, you must buy a primer if you are serious about achieving the eyelash look you are dreaming of. Advising you to use primer is one of the best eyelash tips and tricks I can give. Eyelash primer will coat your lashes and give your mascara a bigger surface to cling to. If you aren’t sure how well yours is working, try wearing it only on one eye and applying mascara without primer to the other eye to see the difference. My current favorite eyelash primer is by Hard Candy, which is carried by Walmart. Skip the pricy brands and give this one a try.


There is Power in Numbers

This is the latest eyelash trick I have started using. There is power in the number of mascaras that you use. For years, I only used one at a time and that was a mistake. Choose some different formulas such as one that boosts volume, a lengthening formula and one that defines and wear a coat of each. You will be amazed at the magic this creates. And by the way, if you haven’t tried L’Oreal’s Butterfly mascara, you are totally missing out.


Powder between Coats

If you have time to let your mascara set between coats, you can dust your lashes with a coat of powder. This thickens them up much like a primer does. I prefer using a primer to this trick but everyone is different. It might be just the thing for you. Try it and see what you think.


Turn Your Brush Vertical

Your brush can be used both horizontally and vertically. Let me share how I use mine. First I coat the top of my lashes horizontally. Then I give them a horizontal coat with my eyes open. Lastly, I turn my brush vertical to catch the innermost lashes and to bulk up the tips of my eyelashes which makes them look longer.


Go for the Triple or Quadruple Coat

If you are only giving your eyelashes one or two coats, you are not going to get the full effect. I always go at least three, if not four coats. I do not let my mascara dry completely between coats. I let it set just a minute then add another coat. If you let it dry before your next coat, it is hard to reposition any eyelashes you aren’t quite satisfied with yet.


Skip the Lash Curler

A lot of women use an eyelash curler and they truly don’t need one. Some women really do need one. Only you can decide that. I do not use an eyelash curler because I don’t have to; my lashes have a natural curl. Eyelash curlers are hard on your lashes so opt out unless you really have stick straight lashes.


Remove Mascara the Right Way

All that junk we put on our eyes has to come off. And it is best if you remove it carefully. Eye makeup remover is the best option and there is a way to use it that is best. Wet a cotton round and hold it on top of your closed eye. Let it soak into your mascara and it will remove with much less rubbing. This can help to prevent lash loss.

These are 7 tricks and tips that can really make a difference in your eyelash look. What tips do you have? I am always searching for more!

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I agree, very well written! One trick that I learned from my dermatologist is that you can use baby shampoo to remove all eye makeup. It's gentle and removes it completely. Works like a charm every time!

Such an interesting tips and tricks to achieve fuller looking lashes, thank you! personally, I've tried applying castor oil to my eyelashes and it has helped to grow fuller, longer and beautiful eyelashes :)

My eyelashes are already long as it is. Check out my tips on "How To Get Even Eyelids"

I once read that add a coat per decade you are...

This is truly some of the best makeup advice. Very well written.

Try using organic coconut oil to remove eye makeup. Works great and is very good for your eyelashes!

Thats really cool, thanks! My trick is to use olive oil to remove make up as it is natural and nourishes youre eye lashes as well, in the long run you get fuller, longer and healthier eyelashes

genius! thank you!

BEST trick I've ever learnt (and I use it everyday and get compliments about my eyelashes all the time) is to brush down on the tops of your eyelashes (so like the bit that faces your eyelid) or another way of putting it is the back of your eyelashes, then do it normally after to bring them back up. This way you coat the full length of the lash and you all coat it all the way round! I swear the effect is dramatic!

I never thought of combining formulas. I'll have to try that!

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