Use Clown Makeup to Contour Your Face like Never before ...


Use Clown Makeup to Contour Your Face like Never before ...
Use Clown Makeup to Contour Your Face like Never before ...

In general, I hope that when my makeup is in place I don’t look like a clown. However, clown makeup contouring is gaining in popularity and can really transform the way your face looks when it’s made up. It is called clown contouring because of the way it looks before you blend your products and finish your look. It might seem unnatural and weird, but I promise that once you get the hang of it, you’re going to love how you look. Here’s how to do it like the pros.

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Use Highlighter on Your Cheek Bones

Basically, what you’re going to do is draw a triangle down the side of your nose and across your under eye area, coming to a point just above your cheekbones. The highlighter will be quite obviously lighter than your skin tone. That’s the point – it will add light to darker areas so that you get a flawless complexion when you’re done.


To master this technique, make sure your highlighter has a creamy base for a smooth application. Gently dab and blend the highlighter along the triangle you drew, enhancing the natural luminescence of your skin. This reflective trick plays with light, giving the illusion of higher, more sculpted cheekbones. Be bold and try different shades—silvery hues on fair skin, golden tones if you're darker—for a personalized pop. Remember, blending is your best friend for a seamless transition between the playful contours and the natural beauty of your face.


Make Smaller Triangles with Bronzer Right below Your Eyes

Use a bronzer that’s just a couple of shades darker than your skin for this step. Draw a triangle, with the bottom being directly beneath your eyes and the point angling down about a quarter of an inch. Just below the point, draw a small circle of the same bronzer. It should be about the size of a pencil eraser.


Blending is key for this technique. Using a soft brush, gently blend the borders of the bronzer triangles and the circle to create a subtle shadow effect. This helps to reinforce the illusion of a more defined under-eye and cheek area, emphasizing your facial contours. Ensure the bronzer is well-integrated into your foundation to avoid harsh lines. This method not only adds dimension to your look but also brings warmth to your complexion. Remember, the trick is to enhance your natural features, not overshadow them—so use a light hand and blend, blend, blend!


Draw a Line of Highlighter Straight down Your Nose

Now, draw your highlighter in a straight line down your nose from right between your eyebrows to the tip. Leave a small space above the line and draw a thick semi-circle of highlighter on your forehead. Finally, add a line above each eyebrow with the same highlighter.


Using a highlighter with a shimmer that complements your skin tone will bring out an ethereal glow. Make sure the line down your nose is pencil-thin to create an illusion of length and straightness. When it comes to the semi-circle on your forehead, blend it slightly to avoid harsh lines, as this will catch the light gracefully, making your forehead appear more prominent and structured. The lines above the brows should be blended outwards, giving them a naturally lifted appearance. This method plays with light and shadow, enhancing your features in a dramatic yet wearable manner.


Your Blush Really Will Look like a Clown’s Makeup

To get your blush just right for the clown contouring technique, all you need to be able to do is draw a circle. Use a pinky shade and form a perfect circle on each of your cheekbones. Make sure you choose a shade that complements your skin tone and won’t look garish once it’s blended.


Now Highlight Your Cheeks and Chin

Back to your highlighter. Draw a line on your chin and then angled upward toward your ears. Leave a space on either side between the line on your chin and the line that goes upward. Make sure the lines on your cheeks are only where you see an indent when you make a fish face.


Outline Your Mouth to Complete Your Clown Transformation

Now to complete your look, you’ll create that iconic white circle around your entire mouth. You want to use a contouring cream or highlighter with a slight purplish tinge to offset the color of your lips. Simply draw it around your mouth exactly as a clown looks. Easy, right?


Now It’s Time to Blend

Now that you have all that product where it needs to be, use a makeup sponge and blend it all over. As you blend, the colors with run into each other, creating that sculpted look you want. A small makeup sponge is your best bet because it does a better job of soaking up the products and distributing them properly. There. You’re done!

Have you ever tried clown makeup contouring? You’ll probably have to experiment a bit before you get it perfect. Need more help? Check out this tutorial:

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has a purpose


I think it's orange concealer under the eyes not bronzer. But regardless, I wouldn't recommend doing this

Weird how it actually works and appears to turn out very well...

Aint nobody got time for that bruh

Why would anyone spend so much time putting makeup on their face? Especially so much of it! I find it sad that there are so many posts here saying that you're beautiful just as you are, but even more posts like these.

Great! You are talented and very creative . Keep being inspiring😍

I think this was meant as joke...if you actually look at the picture...she drew a smiley face. Who would put bronzer under your eye? Or blush around your mouth lol

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