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Use Clown Makeup to Contour Your Face like Never before ...

By Eliza

In general, I hope that when my makeup is in place I don’t look like a clown. However, clown makeup contouring is gaining in popularity and can really transform the way your face looks when it’s made up. It is called clown contouring because of the way it looks before you blend your products and finish your look. It might seem unnatural and weird, but I promise that once you get the hang of it, you’re going to love how you look. Here’s how to do it like the pros.

1 Use Highlighter on Your Cheek Bones

Basically, what you’re going to do is draw a triangle down the side of your nose and across your under eye area, coming to a point just above your cheekbones. The highlighter will be quite obviously lighter than your skin tone. That’s the point – it will add light to darker areas so that you get a flawless complexion when you’re done.

2 Make Smaller Triangles with Bronzer Right below Your Eyes

Use a bronzer that’s just a couple of shades darker than your skin for this step. Draw a triangle, with the bottom being directly beneath your eyes and the point angling down about a quarter of an inch. Just below the point, draw a small circle of the same bronzer. It should be about the size of a pencil eraser.

3 Draw a Line of Highlighter Straight down Your Nose

Now, draw your highlighter in a straight line down your nose from right between your eyebrows to the tip. Leave a small space above the line and draw a thick semi-circle of highlighter on your forehead. Finally, add a line above each eyebrow with the same highlighter.

4 Your Blush Really Will Look like a Clown’s Makeup

To get your blush just right for the clown contouring technique, all you need to be able to do is draw a circle. Use a pinky shade and form a perfect circle on each of your cheekbones. Make sure you choose a shade that complements your skin tone and won’t look garish once it’s blended.

5 Now Highlight Your Cheeks and Chin

Back to your highlighter. Draw a line on your chin and then angled upward toward your ears. Leave a space on either side between the line on your chin and the line that goes upward. Make sure the lines on your cheeks are only where you see an indent when you make a fish face.

6 Outline Your Mouth to Complete Your Clown Transformation

Now to complete your look, you’ll create that iconic white circle around your entire mouth. You want to use a contouring cream or highlighter with a slight purplish tinge to offset the color of your lips. Simply draw it around your mouth exactly as a clown looks. Easy, right?

7 Now It’s Time to Blend

Now that you have all that product where it needs to be, use a makeup sponge and blend it all over. As you blend, the colors with run into each other, creating that sculpted look you want. A small makeup sponge is your best bet because it does a better job of soaking up the products and distributing them properly. There. You’re done!

Have you ever tried clown makeup contouring? You’ll probably have to experiment a bit before you get it perfect. Need more help? Check out this tutorial:

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