The Best Makeup Tutorials for Beginners ...


The Best Makeup Tutorials for Beginners ...
The Best Makeup Tutorials for Beginners ...

So, you’re ready to start wearing makeup, are you? Whether you’re a teen or someone who wants to hide the signs of aging, learning how to do a perfect face can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry – even old pros need some help when they plan to try something new. Watching videos is my go-to way of learning a new makeup technique. Want some help figuring out how to get started. You’ve come to the right place. Check out these tutorials and you’ll be on your way to mastering makeup in no time.

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Drugstore Routine

This tutorial is perfect for beginners because you can learn some easy techniques using drugstore products, which are typically less expensive than they are at makeup stores. The great thing about it is that when you’re done, you’ll look like you got a makeover at a fabulous makeup counter for a hefty price. Perfect!


Makeup 101

Check out this video and you’ll have all the tips and tricks you need to gather your materials and set up your cosmetics bag. At the same time, you can learn some really easy techniques for getting your makeup on quickly, but without looking like you don’t know what you’re doing.


Look like a Pro

You’ll love this video because it will show you how to do beginner makeup that makes you look like you have been doing this for years. Watch as the adorable girl in the tutorial shows you exactly how to look awesome, even if this is the first time you’ve picked up a mascara wand or lip gloss tube.


For Eye Makeup

If you want to focus on learning how to get the best looking eye makeup, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s geared toward beginners so you know it will make it easy to follow along. Once you’re done, you’ll know how to get the most fabulous looking eyes ever. Get ready for the compliments to start rolling in!


Totally Flawless Makeup

The problem with being a beginner at something is that you have to suffer through some failed attempts before you get things right. That’s where this video comes in. You can learn beginner techniques for creating an absolutely flawless face, even if you’ve never done your makeup before. When it comes to makeup, you want flawless, so this is the tutorial that will quickly become your favorite.


A Collection of Tips and Tricks

Here is a fabulous collection of tips and tricks that any beginner will love. They are super awesome because they are easy to understand super simple to copy. The girl works slowly enough that you can stay with her and not fall behind and also tells you step by ste what you should do to get the look you want. Cool!


Makeup Starter Kit

Here’s the perfect video for any beginner. You can learn about all the tools of the trade that let you get the best makeup application each and every time. Watch this tutorial and you’ll be equipped to start doing your own makeup in such a way that it will look like you’ve been at it for years.


Smoky Eye

Smoky eye can feel so overwhelming for a beginner. Done wrong and you wind up looking like a raccoon. BUT, this easy self explanatory video will show you how to do it right in some basic steps.


Contouring and Highlighting

Everyone has seen the magic of a good contour and been jealous. Now you can learn to do it too with this simple and easy to learn from video on the basics of this beautiful technique.


The Everyday Look

Here's the ultimate look you can wear everyday! It's beautiful, looks time consuming, but is actually pretty basic so even the most novice of beginners can achieve it!


Color Correcting

We've all seen the clown face makeup look and all thought, "WTF?!" But in reality, color correction is awesome for skin imperfections! This blogger shows the basics of color correcting to help you avoid cake-y foundation and color correct like a boss!

Which of these videos is your favorite? Can you think of any other makeup tips for beginners that you can share?

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Anyone that can help me out . But sense it's made from ( #THE DRUGSTORE RUTIN For beginner ) Waiting

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I like your makeup

you are so relatable too, added pluses to reading your blogs/articles

Good article, thx for the videos...I think I'll always be a beginner when it comes to makeup...still takes me hours to apply everything URG lol

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