7 Makeup Tips for Women with Larger Noses ...

I’ve been told I have a big forehead, so I work with my bangs and makeup to minimize it a little bit. Other women complain that their noses are too big. Turns out, you can use what’s in your cosmetics bag to help tone it down a little bit, if that’s what you want to do. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with embracing what you have and just going with it. Either way, check out these easy makeup tips for larger noses. You’re going to love them!

1. Soak up the Shine around Your Nose

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I know all about having shiny skin! If you have an oily nose, it’s going to be the first thing people notice when they look at you. Use some of those handy oil blotting sheets to soak up the shine on and around your nose. Do this before you apply makeup and periodically throughout the day to keep the grease at bay.

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