7 Makeup Tips for Women with Larger Noses ...


7 Makeup Tips for Women with Larger Noses ...
7 Makeup Tips for Women with Larger Noses ...

I’ve been told I have a big forehead, so I work with my bangs and makeup to minimize it a little bit. Other women complain that their noses are too big. Turns out, you can use what’s in your cosmetics bag to help tone it down a little bit, if that’s what you want to do. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with embracing what you have and just going with it. Either way, check out these easy makeup tips for larger noses. You’re going to love them!

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Soak up the Shine around Your Nose

hair, face, black hair, nose, person, I know all about having shiny skin! If you have an oily nose, it’s going to be the first thing people notice when they look at you. Use some of those handy oil blotting sheets to soak up the shine on and around your nose. Do this before you apply makeup and periodically throughout the day to keep the grease at bay.


Play up Your Eyes as a Distraction

eyebrow, face, hair, clothing, forehead, You can’t physically make your nose smaller, but you can distract attention away from it by creating a dramatic eye makeup look. Makeup artists suggest colors that flatter your skin tone. Apply them moderately and then create a cat’s eye with liner. Top the whole look off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Frequently asked questions

You can use contouring to create the illusion of a narrower nose. Apply a darker shade along the sides of your nose and blend it well. Then, highlight the bridge of your nose to draw attention there.

Avoid putting too much highlighter on the tip of your nose or using a foundation that's too light. These can highlight the size rather than tone it down.

Embrace it! Confidence is key. Play up your other features like your eyes or lips to draw attention there. Own your unique look!

You'll want a good contour palette with a darker shade for shadowing and a lighter shade for highlighting. A blending brush or a beauty blender will also be super helpful.

Absolutely! Bold eye makeup or a striking lip color can draw attention away from your nose. Experiment with different styles and see what makes you feel amazing!


Make Your Lips the Focus of Your Face

hair, face, eyebrow, nose, black hair, Much like dramatic eyes can deter the eyes away from your nose, so too can playing up your lips. Choose a color that matches your complexion and slick it on anytime you want people to look somewhere other than at your nose. You can do that, right?


Slim Your Nose with Foundation

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, black, This takes a few minutes, but can give the illusion of a slimmer nose. It’s pretty easy to do. Start by drawing a line of foundation a couple of shades darker than your complexion down each side of your nose. Blend it with your traditional foundation color. Step back from the mirror and get ready to be amazed at your brand new slimmer nose.


Once you have those contour lines in place, take a moment to lightly dust some translucent powder over your nose to set the foundation. This will ensure a more natural-looking blend and increase the staying power of your makeup. Don't forget the highlighter – apply a thin line down the bridge of your nose to bring light to the center, which will enhance the slimming effect. Remember, blending is key; you want to avoid harsh lines to make the contouring look seamless and subtle. With practice, this technique will become a quick addition to your beauty routine, showcasing a more refined profile in no time.


Add Highlighter to the Center of Your Nose to Make It Look Smaller

hair, eyebrow, face, nose, blond, Does the tip of your nose look large? Draw a line down the center of your nose with a highlighter product. You’ll do this in addition to the darker colors on the sides of your nose. When you blend the contouring products with your foundation, you should see a big difference in the size and shape of your nose.


The highlight of this technique lies in its simplicity. By adding a shimmer that catches the light, your nose will seem more refined. Opt for a highlighter that complements your skin tone for a natural glow. Be sure to blend thoroughly to avoid harsh lines—the goal is a subtle radiance that makes your nose appear narrower and more elegantly sculpted. Remember, the key is precision and light touches. Too much shine can have the opposite effect, drawing more attention to the area instead of contouring it.


Contour Your Cheekbones Too

hair, face, eyebrow, photography, beauty, Much like playing up your eyes and lips can distract from your large nose, so too can contouring your cheekbones. Contour them by applying highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and bronzer to the area beneath them. After you apply your foundation, top the look with your favorite pinky blush. Everyone will be admiring your cheekbones and won’t even notice your nose.


Contouring your cheeks is an effective way to draw attention away from a larger nose. Highlighting the tops of your cheekbones with a shimmery highlighter and adding bronzer to the area beneath them will create the illusion of a more sculpted face. To finish the look, apply a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will bring a healthy flush to your face and draw attention away from your nose.

In addition to contouring your cheeks, there are a few other makeup tips that can help women with larger noses look their best. When applying eyeshadow, focus on the outer corners of your eyes and avoid dark colors that may emphasize the size of your nose. To make your nose appear smaller, use a light-colored eyeshadow and blend it up to your brow bone. For your lips, use a lip liner to redefine the shape of your lips and draw attention away from your nose.


Brighten Your Dark Undereye Circles

hair, human hair color, face, black hair, eyebrow, Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Turns out that can only enhance the size of your nose. Use concealer to brighten the area under your eyes and you can instantly make your nose appear smaller. Use a brush or your finger to apply it so that the concealer blends in naturally. You’ll be amazed!

What tips can you share for making a big nose look smaller?


If you have a larger nose, there are several makeup tips you can use to make it appear smaller. One of the most effective ways is to use concealer to brighten the area under your eyes. This will instantly make your nose appear smaller. To make sure the concealer blends in naturally, use a brush or your finger to apply it.

Another way to make your nose look smaller is to use contouring. Use a contour powder or cream that is two shades darker than your skin tone. Apply it along the sides of your nose and blend it in. This will create the illusion of a slimmer nose.

Highlighting can also be used to make a large nose look smaller. Use a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it down the center of your nose. This will draw attention to the center of your nose, making it appear smaller.

Another makeup trick is to use a light-colored eyeshadow on the bridge of your nose. This will make your nose look narrower and less noticeable. You can also use a light-colored lipstick to draw attention away from your nose.

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Tbh I'm so much more attracted to women (and men) with larger than average noses.

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