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Explosive Makeup Tips for Girls Who Have Hooded Eyes ...

By Alison

If you have hooded eyes, making up your eyes can be complicated. With hooded eyes, little or none of the eyelid can be seen. This is obviously common in Asian eyes, but they're not the only women who need to get around this makeup problem. Fortunately there are some clever makeup tricks that you can use. So if you have hooded eyes, here are the hottest makeup tips …

1 Avoid Highlighting the Brow Bone

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,lip,Be careful with highlighter, as this can draw attention to the fact that your eyelids are heavy. You shouldn't apply a highlight shade all over your eyelid, or under your brow bone, as that's like pointing an arrow at it! Stick to the inner corner of your eye, the outer brow bone and the upper lash line.

2 Fix It with Primer

eyebrow,face,hair,black hair,cheek,It's really important to use primer on your eyelids if you have hooded eyes. What you want to avoid is your eye makeup smudging, as hooded eyes often find that makeup creases and smudges. Look for a primer that is designed for eyes. That will keep your makeup firmly in place and avoid those annoying smudges!


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3 Waterproof is the Way

hair,face,eyebrow,beauty,hairstyle,Another important tool for girls with hooded eyes is to choose waterproof makeup. Since hooded lids are so close to the lashes, they often end up smudging makeup. Waterproof mascara is your friend! Plus you can also buy waterproof eyeliner, such as this one ( from e.l.f for just $2.

4 Top Technique

hair,face,black hair,black,person,Normally eyeshadow stays below the crease of the lids, but that technique won't work with hooded eyes - you won't be able to see the color. So what you need to do is actually apply the color a little higher than the crease. This means that when your eyes are open, the color can be seen, and it will give the impression of visible eyelids.

5 Choose a Medium Tone

face,eyebrow,hair,nose,clothing,The best tone for hooded eyes is a medium tone. A color that is too light will make it even more obvious that you have hooded lids, and darker shades will make your lids look even heavier than they already do. So a mid shade is your best option. Apply it over the lid and just above the crease, as mentioned above. Then add a lighter color on the lid itself.

6 Line Those Lids Lightly

face,hair,facial expression,eyebrow,black hair,Heavy eyeliner won't flatter your heavy eyelids, and will probably smudge, so keep your application light. Apply your liner close to the lash line; you'll give the illusion of thicker lashes and make your eyes appear more open. Get the liner as close to the lash line as you can.

7 Cute & Curly

eyebrow,face,cheek,hair,nose,If you don't already own eyelash curlers, then get some ASAP. They're a brilliant tool for girls with hooded eyes. Curling your eyelashes will really open up your eyes and help disguise the fact that you have such heavy eyelids. So use your curlers before applying mascara and spot the difference!

So don't curse your hooded eyes; with the right makeup application you can make the most of them. It's a question of technique and choosing the right shades. Think of the 1940s screen sirens and their sultry gaze - they knew how to make the most of those heavy lids!

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