8 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Hate Makeup ...


If you're one of the girls who absolutely hate wearing makeup in every single form, this is totally the post for you – it's all about tips for girls who hate makeup! I can understand why you would hate makeup if you do, only because it's a pain to put on! If you are dying to try out the newest mascara or lipstick – but have no desire to actually purchase them because makeup is a time-suck, take a look at my tips for girls who hate makeup!

1. Why do You Hate It?

The top of my 'tips for girls who hate makeup' list is all about identifying exactly why you hate it. Is it a time-waste for you? Do you think it's pointless? Do you think you don't need it? These are all valid points and who knows, maybe you don't need it! Makeup is just an enhancement to your own beauty, girls, and not every girl needs it!

Time-Saving Tricks
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