8 Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes ...


Makeup tips for hazel eyes are unique and unexpected – just like hazel eyes themselves! I used to hate my eye color because I just wanted it to be green – no mix of brown and gold, just plain green! Since learning how to make the most of them, however, I've learned to embrace my eyes, to love them. After all, hazel eyes are beautiful, whether they pair green with brown and shards of grey, or with gold and flecks of blue. Highlight your gorgeous, bejeweled eyes too, by making use of these stellar makeup tips for hazel eyes!

1. Make the Most of the Kaleidoscope

Hazel eyes are extraordinarily unique because they do contain so many different hues. Furthermore, whether you've got gorgeous mahogany skin, flawless caramel coloring, a rich golden tan, or a pale porcelain visage, your eyes capture that color and likely change accordingly. That means that you're in the unique position to change the color of your eyes by highlighting the hues you like best. As you read these makeup tips for hazel eyes, keep that in mind by remembering that your skin, hair, and clothing options all make a difference.

Go a Little Greener
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