Makeup Tips That Work as Well as Plastic Surgery ...

Considering going under the knife to look young and fresh? Stop! There are lots of things you can do with makeup that are just as good as surgery. They aren’t permanent and won’t do you any good if you decide to go bare-faced, but if you want to avoid the plastic surgeon’s office, here are some fabulous makeup tips that can give you the results you want. I’m on board. Are you?

1. Brighten the Area above Your Cheekbones and Brows

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Brightening these areas takes the emphasis off places where aging tends to show the most. Use a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your skin and brush it above your cheekbones and brows. Dust a little but on the end of your nose too. You might have to use different products for each area as the skin on your face isn’t always the same pigment.

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