7 Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes ...

There are so many must have eyeshadow palettes out there that I’m amazed my bank account isn’t drained! Finding the perfect eyeshadow palette is like striking gold, because often times they’ll have enough colors to suit any look you’d like to create. I’ve collected tons of eyeshadow palettes in search of that elusive perfect one, so here are a few of my favorite must have eyeshadow palettes!

1. Urban Decay’s Naked 2

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Honestly, I’ve found that all of Urban Decay’s palettes are must have eyeshadow palettes. You really can’t go wrong with UD. However, the Naked 2 palette is my absolute favorite. Quite a buzz was created when the first Naked palette came out, and while that one is fantastic, I think Naked 2 is better. I like how the colors are more on the brown side, however, there's enough of a range that the palette can be used for both day and night looks. In fact, when I travel I only take this palette with me, and it takes me about a minute flat to transition my makeup. I think this is a palette that every girl should have in her collection! Get this palette at Sephora.com for $50.

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