10 Videos for Makeup Newbies Trying to Master Contouring ...

By Eliza

10 Videos for Makeup Newbies Trying to Master Contouring ...

You’ve probably heard of contouring by now. It’s getting mega hype in the makeup world. The idea behind contouring is that it helps you highlight your face and make it look its best by applying makeup underneath your foundation. I’ve tried it and I can tell you that it does make a difference. People probably aren’t going to say anything, but they will notice a slight change that gives you the glow and youthful look you really want. Use these videos to help you get contouring just right.

1 Contour like Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians may have started the contouring trend so this video is a great one for getting you familiar with the technique. The video goes through the steps of contouring your entire face and helps you see just how much it can change your appearance when you apply your makeup. If you don’t watch any of the others, this one is a great choice for teaching you how to contour.

2 Advice from a Pro

Sometimes seeing a professional do the job of contouring can really help you follow the directions and get the job done right. This video goes through step by step directions that allow you to follow along while you try contouring. Whether you’re new to it or you’ve tried it before, this tutorial will be a valuable choice for you to watch.

3 Contouring for Beginners

So you’ve never tried contouring before? Then this is the video for you. It makes it totally easy to learn how to contour your face so that when you put on your makeup, you have just the look you’ve been craving. This tutorial makes it so easy to learn how to contour and you’ll never regret watching it.

4 30-Second Contouring

If you’re like me, you don’t have a ton of time to put your makeup on in the morning. That doesn’t mean you can’t contour your face though. This video shows you how to get the job done in just 30 seconds or less. It’s easy to follow and will take you from drab to fab in just seconds. Awesome!

5 For Every Day

You can definitely contour every day for a great look, even if you’re just going to work. This tutorial shows you how to master a natural contouring look that you can use for normal daily outings and events. The step by step of directions in the video make it super simple to be the best looking girl in town any day of the week.

6 Contour for Your Face Shape

This handy video will show you various ways to contour your face based on what shape your face happens to be. By learning the exact method for contouring, you can get a look that conforms to your bone structure. The video makes it super easy to figure out how to contour your face, whether it’s round or heart-shaped or something else entirely.

7 Clown Contouring

Clown contouring is a bit different from the traditional methods and will look pretty silly before you apply the foundation and blend it all in. However, many makeup artists swear by clown contouring and it can’t hurt to give it a try. Use this video to see how it’s done from start to finish, then get ready to turn some heads.

8 Contour & Highlight for Beginners

In this video the beautiful Shani Grimmond will show you how to both contour and highlight - perfect for beginners! Click the video to learn how to do both of these things within a short 10 minutes!

9 How to Contour

Who better to get makeup advice from than the one and only YouTube beauty Jaclyn Hill?! If anyone has perfected the art of contouring it's got to be her, right? Here she will show you how to contour, including plenty of tips and secrets!

10 How to Contour like a Contouring Artist

Ever wanted to do your makeup like a professional artist would? You and me both! Here you can learn exactly how to contour like an contouring artist...so what are you waiting for?! Let's start learning!

Have you ever tried contouring? Which of these videos helped you the most?

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