18 Men on Instagram Who Know a Thing or Two about Makeup ...

By Sheila

18 Men on Instagram Who Know a Thing or Two about Makeup ...

The best part about makeup is that it's for everyone! In the words of the amazing Patrick Starrr, "Makeup is a one size fits all" and I couldn't agree more. I'm an absolute sucker for makeup accounts on Instagram and these are my favourite male makeup gurus...

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1 @makeupbyjaack

He's a 21 year old, self-taught makeup artist who is all kinds of awesome!

2 @mac_daddyy

Angel is a celebrity makeup artist who is always on fleek! I'd love to get a few contouring and highlighting lessons from him.

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3 @jonysios

I love his bold, quirky looks! So fun!

4 @lou_flores

He's a celebrity MUA from LA whose account is full of unique looks for any time of the day or night.

5 @patrickstarrr

How could this list be complete without the immensely talented, full-of-life, always delightful Patrick Starr?! Love him and his fabulous friends.

6 @mannymua733

His eye makeup is always PERFECT!

7 @jeffreestar

He's fierce, fearless, and fabulous!

8 @skelotim

There's no doubt that Tim is extremely talented but what I love most about his account are his food inspired looks. So fun!

9 @eltonjfernandez

Elton is an Indian celebrity makeup artist with a killer sense of style!

10 @alexfaction

Alex is most well known for his graphic looks that are truly extraordinary!

11 @makeupbymichaelfinch

Michael often does bold looks that you can't help but love. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he has an awesome sense of humor.

12 @juniinhorusty

Juniinho has mastered the "smokey eye + stubble" look. Love!

13 @ginobaileau


14 @theevanitydiary

Ariel calls himself a cosmetic illusionist and that's exactly what he is. He can take any look and replicate it perfectly!

15 @PeterPratts

Peter's looks are mostly about the eyes and boy are they amazing!

16 @pochoy_29

Talk about the power of makeup! Paolo can transform himself to look like any celebrity under the sun. Seriously, check out his account. It'll make you gasp!

17 @vicmram

If you are a fan of minimalist looks with strong brows, you'll love Victor Ramos!

18 @bretmanrock

And finally, for my favourite...Bretman. He absolutely slays when it comes to makeup but the best, best, part about his account are the little hilarious videos he shares.

Which are your favorite makeup accounts on Instagram?

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dang! These dudes are awesome

Why the fuck? ^

These men don't only know a thing or twk about makeup !! They know a lot about makeup which make them makeup artists...!! Title please

@Amelia it's just an expression, not an insult at their talent. but not all of these artists are certified, though they should be.

So cool! I love the confidence and against the grain presentations.

All I can say is omg!

guru's yet gayyy men

They are makeup GODS!

MannyMUA, I absolutely adore him. I love his YouTube channel. ❤️

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