7 Reasons You Don't Need to Wear Make up Everyday ...


I know what you're thinking: it's not even possible to think of 7 reasons you don't need makeup everyday. Well, contrary to popular belief, life as you know it will not end if you skip makeup every now and then and opt for a fresh face. Still not convinced? Check out my reasons why you don't need to wear make up everyday.

1. Makeup Isn't Necessarily Great for Your Skin

While it's true that you may feel more confident and fabulous with a little concealer and eyeliner, one of the main reasons you don't need makeup is because it's not doing your skin any favors. In more recent years, women have become privy to the crazy chemicals being used in their favorite makeup and yet, most haven't made an effort to stop using it religiously. Even the so-called "healthy for your skin" foundations will take a toll on your skin after wearing them every single day. You'll be doing your skin a good service if you choose a fresh face opposed to heavy makeup on a regular basis.

People Won't Be Surprised when They See You without Your Makeup
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