7 Hot Tips on Doing Your Makeup without Using Eyeliner ...

Have you ever thought about doing your makeup without using eyeliner? For someone like myself, I couldn’t imagine doing makeup without eyeliner, but there are lots reasons to try it out! Doing your makeup without eyeliner can give you a more youthful, innocent look. Some people have skin reactions to ingredients commonly used in eye liner or some just don’t like to use it. Either way, allow me to offer you seven hot tips on doing your makeup without using eyeliner to try out!

1. Beautify Your Brows

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If you want to do your makeup without using eyeliner, it is imperative that your brows are properly groomed! Having ungroomed eyebrows can prevent other eye makeup from blending properly or cause your brows to look unruly. If you don’t get your brows shaped and waxed by a pro, why not start? If you’re unable to afford the maintenance, you can at least get a good brow shape going and do the upkeep yourself!

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