7 Hot Tips on Doing Your Makeup without Using Eyeliner ...

By Lisa

7 Hot Tips on Doing Your Makeup without Using Eyeliner ...

Have you ever thought about doing your makeup without using eyeliner? For someone like myself, I couldn’t imagine doing makeup without eyeliner, but there are lots reasons to try it out! Doing your makeup without eyeliner can give you a more youthful, innocent look. Some people have skin reactions to ingredients commonly used in eye liner or some just don’t like to use it. Either way, allow me to offer you seven hot tips on doing your makeup without using eyeliner to try out!

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1 Beautify Your Brows

If you want to do your makeup without using eyeliner, it is imperative that your brows are properly groomed! Having ungroomed eyebrows can prevent other eye makeup from blending properly or cause your brows to look unruly. If you don’t get your brows shaped and waxed by a pro, why not start? If you’re unable to afford the maintenance, you can at least get a good brow shape going and do the upkeep yourself!

2 Conceal

If you find that you have some discolorations or broken capillaries around your eye area, let’s conceal it! Use a concealer around the eye area and a primer on the eyelid. This will help ensure that your lids have a neutral base, a smooth surface and that they're free of oil. You can also just use your regular foundation on the eye area if you don’t have or want to use concealer.

"Enhancing your beauty doesn't always mean going for the glossy look. More ladies now see the allure of a shine-free finish. With the right tools and techniques, you can also achieve a flawless, subtle glow. Learn how to master this trend by following these incredible matte makeup tutorials. Enhance your natural complexion without the unnecessary flash."

3 Use Eye Shadow

Just because you don’t want to use eyeliner doesn’t mean your eyes have to be totally bare! You can use some neutral shadows to highlight and contour the eyes. This can look much more natural than creating a dramatic line with an eyeliner. You can feel free to do a smoky eye on the upper or lower lash line as well. You can still pull off a beautiful smoky eye in a variety of colors without wearing any eyeliner!

4 Tightline

If you want to mimic the look of eyeliner without using it, you can also apply dark eye shadow with an eyeliner or flat brush and line your upper waterline. Tightlining your eyes helps fill in the gaps between eyelashes so they look fuller and your eyes look more defined yet very natural. If you’re trying to avoid the ingredients in eyeliner but still crave the lined look, you can always wet your eye shadow and draw a gorgeous cat eye or other look on the lash line!

5 Falsies

Another way of doing makeup without eyeliner is to wear some sexy false lashes! False lashes instantly add drama and open up the eyes! Everyone looks good with long, lush lashes and this is the perfect way to really play up your eyes sans eyeliner. Try using individual lashes and the full strip to see which suits you better. If you want to be daring, try wearing lace lashes, lashes with feather tips or designs!

6 Mascara

Let’s not forget one of the best beauty products ever invented-mascara! Wearing mascara is another way to wow without using any eyeliner. Mascara can lengthen and define your lashes and really frame your eyes so they look wide, alert and bright! Try using a traditional black or brown, or use a colored mascara to really make your eyes pop!

7 Lips

When you’re doing makeup without eyeliner, go ahead and play up those lips! If you’re not wearing a lot of eye makeup, such as only eye shadow, minimal eye shadow or bare eyes, you can wear a dark, vampy lip or a bright red lip and it’ll look smoking hot! You can also opt for a nude lip color or lip balm and you’ll be a natural beauty! Minimal makeup can be very sexy and it’s quick and easy!

There you have it, seven tips on doing your makeup without using eye liner! If you’re looking for a new way to do your eye makeup, this is a perfect look to try! Have you ever tried doing your makeup without eyeliner before?

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Ok, I see the point your making in no. 3 but still, plenty of other articles don't match the pics! This one may not have been a good example of one but my point still stands. It was just day before yesterday when not one but three different articles had pics that did not match the article in the slightest & other women had commented about it also! Again, thank you for your consideration on this matter!

Great article!

great ideas

Great article, thanks! I've recently started wearing quite bright/strong lipstick and so have been slowly weaning myself away from the eyeliner!

I just started wearing eyeliner i used tuh just use eyeshadow and mascara. My lip stick does not go good with my freckles and pale skin.

I actually just bought high end eyeliner because I realizes I never wore it in my eye looks. Bold eyeshadow is my thing.

I would like to make a suggestion to the editors of these articles & I'm sure some of the other ladies will agree with me! Pls start matching the pic to the tips. Using them as an example of what your trying to explain or convey. For example, in this article, no. 3 states that using neutral colors to contour & emphasis the eyes can be a substitute for eyeliner but the pic accompanying it is not showing neutral colors but quite the opposite! I've seen this time & time again in many different articles & I've commented several times with no avail! It would just be much easier to get the feel of or understand better the suggestions your writers are trying to make! Thank you!

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