7 Clever Makeup Ideas for Medium Skin Tone ...

By Heather

7 Clever Makeup Ideas for Medium Skin Tone ...

With all of the makeup ideas for medium skin tone out there, it's hard to narrow it down to just 7 tips and ideas that actually work! If you have medium skin and are looking for makeup ideas for medium skin tone that won't wash you out and won't make you look too tan, you've got to take a look at my ideas below! Everything from pinky blush to darker lips! Take a look and then share some of the ideas that you have in the comments!

Table of contents:

  1. find your best hues
  2. darker lips
  3. pinky blush
  4. black mascara looks best
  5. no bronzer needed
  6. keep it natural
  7. light up your eyes

1 Find Your Best Hues

This is one of the makeup ideas for medium skin tone that can really go with any skin tone out there – find your best hues, ladies! You don't want to find a hue that is too dark for you or that is too light. Finding the right foundation color, the right lipstick and also the right blush are all things that can really enhance your beautiful skin tone!

2 Darker Lips

Medium skin tone is one of those skin tones that can really pull off darker lipstick! I love dark lipstick in general, but on a beautifully tan girl? It's amazing! Give it a try and really go all out there with a bold lip, girls, you won't regret it! I love the deep wine color on a medium skin toned girls, it's beautiful!

3 Pinky Blush

What shade of blush do you think is going to work great for your beautiful skin tone? Well, pink blush is great for medium skin tone, but what kind of pink? Rosy pinks, deep peaches and even some cranberry and light raspberry colors are all going to work great for your skin tone!

4 Black Mascara Looks Best

Now, this doesn't mean that you always have to go with black mascara, but with medium skin tone, black mascara really can make your eyes pop and really make sure that your skin tone is brought out beautifully! Give it a try, girls, and let us know how it works for you!

5 No Bronzer Needed

When you have medium skin tone, typically you don't need to indulge in bronzer at all! Bronzer is something that can be used to define, however, if you have medium skin tone, you don't necessarily need bronzer, you already have that sun kissed glow about you! You can use a little bit of bronzer if you think you need definition, but nothing beyond that.

6 Keep It Natural

Another makeup idea for medium skin tone all revolves around keeping it natural. You don't always need makeup to look beautiful, so why not go natural sometimes? Give it a try! I have super pale skin and sometimes, it just feels great to go without makeup and just really be natural!

7 Light up Your Eyes

Finally, when it comes to medium skin tones, you can typically pull off a lot of different eye makeup looks. One look that you should give a try to is actually lightening up the makeup. Black mascara looks great, but what about trying some lighter colors? They can make all of the difference!

So girls, now that you know exactly what makeup ideas for medium skin tones are out there, what other tips do you have? What type of skin tone do you have? Give up your ideas!

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