8 Splendid Makeup Tricks to Follow for Pre-Teens ...


Finding the right makeup tricks for pre-teens that aren't too heavy and still let the youth shine through is hard! You ladies asked for some easy-to-use makeup tricks for pre-teens and we have delivered! Being a pre-teen is all about less is better, but there are still some makeup options for you girls! So all you pre-teens, are you ready to see my top 8 makeup tricks for pre-teens that will let your youth shine through and will make you look beautiful?

1. Light Mascara

A lot of the makeup tricks for pre-teens out there state that no pre-teen should wear mascara. I don't agree with that, I think that if you wear light mascara (maybe one coating) is fine! It will bring out your eyes and really highlight your beauty. The key though is light. You don't need to coat every single lash and you don't need to cake the mascara on girls, keep that in mind when you have that wand in your hand!

No Foundation
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