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Mascara brushes are seriously some of my favorite brushes in the world! I won't pick a mascara out without knowing exactly what the mascara brush looks like. Do you ladies do the same thing? Have you been looking for a great mascara brush but haven't found it yet? Well, I've got the low-down on any and all mascara brushes out there, that way you can pick the one that works for your lashes!

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The Wand

So you've probably seen in all kinds of different mascaras, the brushes that are just at the tip and are shaped like a ball. These are actually wand brushes and they are super innovative and work great! These pea-sized bristle balls will grab up any and all lashes from every corner and will enhance them beautifully! Try this mascara brush ladies!


Natural Brush

With all of the different mascara brushes out there, which ones are going to make your lashes really stand out? Well, for me, I love all of them, but when I am really looking to go with a natural look, instead of dramatic, I go for a mascara with a natural brush. This brush will be densely packed with some classic nylon. This brush will add in some length, but not too much!


Classic Brush

Another mascara brush that is one of my favorites is the classic brush. This brush is great for beginners and in Great Lash by Maybelline – this is the brush to learn on! It's not too dense, it's not going to keep all kinds of mascara formula on it and it's easy to use! If you are just learning how to use mascara and are looking for a great brush – try Great Lash by Maybelline!


Long & Short Brush

The cool thing about this particular mascara brush is the fact that it was designed to catch any and all lashes that you have, while making sure that they are lengthened and beautiful! Typically, with these types of mascara brushes, the bristles are bent and twisted, in order to ensure that your lashes look beautiful and are as long as possible!


Hour Glass Brush

The hour glass mascara brush is absolutely one of my favorite brushes! Not only does it give your lashes volume and lift, but it's also a great way to allow your lashes to get thick and beautifully coated. The one downfall that I've seen with an hour glass brush is the fact that the middle does get a little gooey – if you keep it clean though, you shouldn't have any problems at all!


Rubber Bristle Brush

Rubber bristle brushes might not be my favorite, but that's only because I am partial to nylon, but these brushes can come in handy when you have really sensitive eyes and eyelashes. Typically, when you have a rubber bristle mascara brush, you have a little better control over where your mascara goes.


Densely Packed Brush

Now, if you are looking for tons of volume, tons of mascara and a ton of length, the densely packed mascara brush is the one for you! This can be found in all kinds of different mascaras, including Josie Maran, Get One, Give One. This brush is very big and will coat each and every one of your lashes!


Silicon Brushes

Finally girls, the last mascara brush that we're going to talk about is silicon brushes! These brushes can be found all over the place and in a lot of CoverGirl mascaras. For me, I like nylon or if I have to, I'd go with rubber, but silicon brushes can be great if you are getting ready in a rush, because you have so much control over where your mascara ends up.

So girls, there you have it! My top 8 mascara brushes that will really make your eyelashes pop! What are some of your favorite mascara brushes? Have any that you can share?

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